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  1. Gog

    Captain America: Civil War

    I think the Bucky thing in the trailer is a misdirect, that will be the beginning of the movie and someone will be after him, to kill him sure, but it isn't the reason for the Accords. Avengers 2 and the Inhumans (maybe) will be the reason for the accords.
  2. Gog

    Legends of Tomorrow Trailer

    So now Rory's a Time lord...I mean time "master" Yeah I know there's a DC character Rip Hunter but still
  3. Gog

    Dark Dungeons full trailer!

    After reading the web site my opinion is that. The whole thing is satire but it's satire by playing it straight. They are showing the anti-D&D stuff EXACTLY as presented because the anti-D&D stuff is so over the top already that it's already satire.
  4. Gog

    GAME OF THRONES #5:First of His Name ACT 44 Chapter 4-2014

    Sansa marries the kid becomes "Lady of the Keep". Lysa and the kid mysteriously di, Littlefinger marries Sansa and become Lord of the Keep. ta-da
  5. Gog

    The Walking Dead 4.2 "Infected" (spoiler alert)

    I tend to watch it, though on occasion they "clarify" things I would prefer they didn't. For instance the scene with Rick and the crazy lady in the woods. I REALLY wish they hadn't said what was in the bag. I imagined it was a zombie baby not just a head. The idea of it being a baby was WAY...
  6. Gog

    Super-hero RPG for kids

    Thanks. I had seen the Marvel game and was wondering about it. I'm not worried too much about the math for him, but a set of rules more stream lined than D&D 3.5 is nice and not just for him. I haven't really gamed at all since 4.0 came out, can't seem to find a good group along with having...
  7. Gog

    Super-hero RPG for kids

    So my son wants to play some D&D, and I plan on it but I think he might enjoy a super hero game better. So any advice on a good super hero game for a 9 year old boy?
  8. Gog

    Do you use PC races as monsters?

    I use PC races quite a lot, along with goblins, hobgoblins, etc. I like adding PC levels to my bad guys and it's much easier with those type of monsters. Of course I use the other stuff too but more as a spice in the game stew than an ingredient, with the noted exception of dragons, they get...
  9. Gog

    Looking to Join an online game

    I am looking for an online 3.x game to join. I am a little burnt out on DMing right now and just want to play some. I'm willing to try 4th Ed or Essentials also. Heck I'd give most any game, except Star Wars, a shot.
  10. Gog

    Best board games to play with a bunch of friends at Gencon?

    You could try "apples to apples". Not really a board game but can easily accomidate larger groups, if you have enough cards.
  11. Gog

    The Cape #1 & 2:Pilot/Tarot-Seadon 1/2011

    They aren't cat eyes, they are a chess peice, knight I think.
  12. Gog

    No Ordinary Family

    He did just that when the teacher called him on his first A. The kid answered some question on the board.
  13. Gog

    No Ordinary Family

    Look they are going to get the science/technobabble wrong on occasion, I'm ok with that mainly because it appears they are at least trying to do it right.
  14. Gog

    George Lucas...WTF?

    I'm unable to process anything after "I've never seen Star Wars"
  15. Gog

    [Trailer] Last Airbender: what's the appeal?

    Not saying I think he is racist but he sounds like he's a little full of himself. "You're coming at me, the one Asian filmmaker who has the right to cast anybody I want, and I'm casting this entire movie in this color blind way where everyone is represented." What makes him special?
  16. Gog

    [TV] Doctor Who

    For no particular reason and with no hint from anywhere I am convinced that Amy Pond = River Song. Yeah I know it makes no sense but it got into my head and I can't shake it. Obviously there would need to be something else going on for that to be true, maybe she's a Time Lord that somehow got...
  17. Gog

    So, I've decided that I hate roleplaying

    I haven't played at all for a little over two years now because I couldn't find a group. Recently I found a group of new players and played a game with them (d&d 3.5). Now as a player I could not stand the way they played, way too many house rules, stuff misunderstood, 2nd/1st edition rules...
  18. Gog

    [TV] Doctor Who

    In the first epsode with Rose the Dr. told here he had clothes for every sort of occasion. That isn't the exact wuote but it was similar to that.
  19. Gog

    The Losers

    I liked it, it wasn't high art or anything but it was fun. I mean it was obviously an action movie based on a comic what more could you expect than lots of cool one liners, explosions and tough guys doing tough guy stuff. My son (6, I know I'm a horrible parent) and daughter, 16, both loved it.
  20. Gog

    Players: Does anyone else not mind railroading?

    Yeah what he said. Heck sometime I want a good railroad adventure, I just want to kill things and take their stuff and wandering aimlessly just has no appeal to me on that day. Working with the Dm is very important, I remember in a 3.5 campaign and the party was all 16-18 lvl and we had a far...