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  1. Ruzak

    Custom Handbook

    Just out of curiosity, what could the consequences be? I can't imagine anything other than a cease and desist letter, right? I don't have any real idea, and am wondering what there is to lose in cases like this.
  2. Ruzak

    A Thought on Kylo Ren

    It's hard to tell, because we don't see Vader & Tarkin blaming each other in front of the emperor. They and their relationship are certainly more mature than the buddy cops.
  3. Ruzak

    A Thought on Kylo Ren

    This is probably an element of it. I don't have a good sense of Kylo's ranking in the organization. He & Hux seem similar to Vader & Tarkin. Then again, Vader looks to have complete authority in ESB, when most of the choking takes place.
  4. Ruzak

    A Thought on Kylo Ren

    I agree, Kylo handles his anger better than Vader. Sure, he vents in a violent fashion, but he doesn't kill the messenger. I think Kylo also shows maturity in his dealing with his weakness and doubts about the dark side. He talks about this with his mentor, gets advice, and ultimately...
  5. Ruzak

    Pathfinder 1E 3d6 instead of 1d20

    7.4% = 16/216 Pretty reasonable. You could also require a hit for it to be a critical, which would lower it a bit.
  6. Ruzak

    Green-Flame Blade = magic weapon?

    Put me in the camp that says the attack causes the spell, not the other way around. The attack is part of casting, so must come before the magic. The attack is not magical.
  7. Ruzak

    D&D 5E Eldritch Knight variants

    Just a balance note, isn't wisdom a little better auxiliary stat than intelligence, since it has a major saving throw?
  8. Ruzak

    D&D 5E 5e Bastard Sword

    That was in the days before interhanded marriage was legal.
  9. Ruzak

    D&D 5E How might you fix the beastmaster's animal companion?

    I think we will just let the companion attack on its own, since that is the only thing that really makes sense to me in the narrative. We always think of companions more like extra party members anyway, so it doesn't matter if they are overpowered. I guess the player has too much power, but...
  10. Ruzak

    D&D 5E are spells Divine and Arcane anymore?

    I've always been a big fan of the arcane/divine separation. It makes each seem more magical, and less like a list of technological abilities anyone can use with the right training. I didn't notice how absent the divide was in 5e until this thread.
  11. Ruzak

    D&D 5E Loss of genericity

    I also find the subclasses a little specific, particularly the sorcerer. I wish every class had a "generic" subclass, like the champion fighter. Mistwell's tattoo reskin does look pretty great.
  12. Ruzak

    D&D 5E The Martial/Magical scale

    I like it. Of course not every combination of race and works out perfectly, but I think it provides a nice view of the landscape.
  13. Ruzak

    D&D 5E Counterspell check ?

    If I cast fireball and then move, provoking an opportunity attack, can I cast shield? How is this any different?
  14. Ruzak

    D&D 5E You Roll Low, Nothing Happens. Can this/should this be changed?

    What if you let a character do something else on a miss, such as move or take some sort of defensive action? A lesser, but still useful, alternative to hitting.
  15. Ruzak

    D&D 5E Easter Eggs in 5E

    There's got to be a way to up the ante and turn this into an edition war. (The potted plant is still my favorite. )
  16. Ruzak

    D&D 5E Uncanny Dodge (Rogue)

    Sound the DoaM alarm! This sounds like what we will do.
  17. Ruzak

    D&D 5E DMG excerpt: random magic item tables

    Everyone knows magical pigments use additive color mixing.
  18. Ruzak

    D&D 5E If you aren't buying magic items, where will you spend your gold?

    Greenspace. A ranger or druid might buy wilderness near civilization to protect it from poachers or settlers.
  19. Ruzak

    D&D 5E [Rules Question] Opportunity Attacks and Total Cover

    What of this changes if the xorn moves instead horizontally into a wall, such that the first five feet are still adjacent to A?
  20. Ruzak

    Unusual Sandwiches

    In my pre vegetarian days I loved a deep fried version of the Monte Christo. The whole sandwich was deep fried, I guess with some extra breading of some sort. It was unusual.