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  1. Tolen Mar

    I need an elvish word

    Ordinarily, that's exactly what I do. I was just at the end of my creative rope that day. I didn't really care which version of elven I ended up with because I'd have likely used whatever I did get as a jumping-off point. I rarely use a name generated by one of those things without tweaking...
  2. Tolen Mar

    I need an elvish word

    I'm coming up dry here. I'm working on a character concept. He's High Elven, and a minor noble. Can anyone point me to translations of a 'baron'? I can't seem to find anything. It seems that most people either think that baron works or the elves don't have such ranks. I just want a good...
  3. Tolen Mar

    [Rant] It's Springtime!!!

    It's Springtime for Hitler and Germany. Everybody!! Winter for Poland and France...
  4. Tolen Mar

    [Rant] It's Springtime!!!

    Well, now it seems that the weather predictions are warm weather with rain for the rest of the month, making all of this just an annoying waste of time. I bet we forget to buy one in the fall when they get restocked.
  5. Tolen Mar

    [Rant] It's Springtime!!!

    Hey, I'm comin down to there this summer, you better watch out the teasing. I'll bring a big tornado or something with me. I've done it before.
  6. Tolen Mar

    [Rant] It's Springtime!!!

    Maybe it has to do with your state getting more snow year round. :) And if nerfherder is getting the warm weather, he needs to give it back to us!
  7. Tolen Mar

    June 6th

  8. Tolen Mar


    Arise thread! we aren't done wit' ye yet! So hows the process going?
  9. Tolen Mar

    [Rant] It's Springtime!!!

    Ok, so everyone here in the states is sure to be aware of how much MORE winter weather we've gotten than usual. I'm sure some parts of the states haven't, but at least here in the midwest, it's been pretty bad. A few weeks ago, my wife was scraping the ice off her windshield, when her scraper...
  10. Tolen Mar

    D&D 4E Why Keep a Grid? Measurement in 4E

    I just don't see the need to be that picky about it. The point is to have fun, not quibble over quarter inches. Unless someone stands up and rattles the entire table, minor little nudges and bumps just arent that critical.
  11. Tolen Mar

    Bone: The Movie

    I for one, will definately see it if it does happen.
  12. Tolen Mar

    D&D 4E Why Keep a Grid? Measurement in 4E

    Those are my thoughts exactly. In my group, it was the players who asked to go gridless. I mean I realise its not for everyone, but for us, it sped things up. Just make sure that everyone is mature enough to not try and cheat (bumping the table, fudging movement a little to get that extra...
  13. Tolen Mar

    D&D 4E My 4e House Rules that have nothing to do with 1-2-1 movement

    Actually, our group has been doing this for some time. Its just easier all around, gets rid of the funky AoE shapes...but then a lot of folks already complain about the rules being too wargamey.
  14. Tolen Mar

    mmmmm..... Cadbury Cream Eggs.....

    Just got back from the weekly grocery run. They had 1 and only 1 creme egg in the 3 for a dollar bin. They'd be happy to sell me a 4-pack for 2 bucks...
  15. Tolen Mar

    mmmmm..... Cadbury Cream Eggs.....

    See, I never saw the attraction to peeps. Lets face it, if I really want marshmallows rolled in sugar, I can just go buy a bag of marshmallows and roll them in sugar, I don't have to wait for easter candies to start showing up.
  16. Tolen Mar

    [Trailer] Wanted

    I didn't know it was based on anything either, though that really comes as no surprise. I've watched the trailer once a wihle back. This is the one with 'curve the bullet', right? Yeah...uh huh. Is the rest of it going to be that silly? It looks like it'll be fun to watch at least once.
  17. Tolen Mar

    CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE KIDS WHO WERE BORN IN THE 1940's, 50's, 60's and 70's !!

    Either way, I loved it. My ten year old son won't believe we grew up that way. The poor kid. My wife insists on the helmet...
  18. Tolen Mar

    What are you reading (Mar '08)?

    "Wicked: The Life and Times of The Wicked Witch of the West" by Gregory Maquire. Its a sort of look behind the events of the wizard of Oz, where we get to see why the witch was as wicked as she was. I never read Baum's works, so my knowledge of the world is mainly based on the classic movie...
  19. Tolen Mar

    Rate DOOM: The movie

    I was actually enjoying the movie a lot... Then they went first-person. Now don't get me wrong, I like the idea. It was a neat concept for the fans, but we went from a decent live action movie to...wait? its animated now? Same thing bugged me with Torque, and the running from orcs scene in...