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    D&D 5E I hate expertise dice as a universal mechanic.

    I'm fully for expertise being a default mechanic for "martial" characters. It gives you a simple chassis which is easy to understand for newbies and makes it simplier to "learn" a new class, and each class can then be differentied by maneuvers. This is basically something I loved from 4e and...
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    D&D 5E I'm just not that "Psyched" about Next.

    To me 4e is definitely different from 3.5 and much better than anything before . It has new mechanics and by far the best combat rules and character building tools . And with every iteration of Next I see more 4e creeping in.
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    D&D 5E I'm just not that "Psyched" about Next.

    I'm quite impressed by 5e so far. The second iteration is much better than the first one and it's getting closer to a streamlined 4e , which is exactly what i want . When rules for grid and alternate magic systems will be out i'll see if it makes sense to move to move to 5e (my group will...
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    Why have dissociated mechanics returned?

    I really don't get you... To me most of D&D mechanics are dissociated. HP are dissociated. Hitting is dissociated. Trying to enforce a sort of "realism" into the mechanics is pointless. I don't want to simulate some sort of fantasy reality, I just want a good game. But I'm one of those who never...
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    Archer and Dual Wielder Specialties: What am I missing?

    I fully support what they are doing. Multiattacks have always been an imbalance issue due to the multiplication of static damage bonuses.
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    Uniting the Editions: How well did this playtest packet do?

    There's a lot of 4e creeping into Next from the first to the second playtest. And they are addressing the main issue I have with 4e (multiattacks).
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    The Constitution based Character

    I would like CON to be the main stat for shadow assassin. Martial ones should be those who kill you with a deft knife in the back, while shadow ones should channel the power of death through their bodies and kill you by fear and their mere presence.
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    Why not combine the Fighter and Monk Classes?

    I think that the issue is deeper. The fighter is not really a class. It's more an equivalent of the term martial in 4e. To me the fighter class should disappear and be replicad by more focused classes. Same for the wizard. Cleric could stay as long as spells follow deities and most other classes...
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    D&D 5E And Lo, the Fighter Did Get a Shtick of his Own... COMBAT SUPERIORITY!

    Maybe, but look at what DiasExMachina made in Ultramodern4 with a 4e-chassis and you'll see that powers are a really better mechanic overall.
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    D&D 4E 4e/Other Mechanics You Like

    I'm a bit on the door with it. Honestly I would prefer healing surges to stay. Hit Dice are healing surges in a sheepskin but I prefer fixed and known values rather than random rolling.
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    D&D 4E 4e/Other Mechanics You Like

    The 4e assassin is quite an interesting class and I love it (I wrote the Assassin's Handbook on the Charop forum). First of all it has a short range teleport ability at level 1, a damage mechanics that builds up over time (I think it is the only example in D&D), the ability to become a sort of...
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    D&D 5E Another D&D Next Playtest Survey

    Can't XP you, but fully agree. A stamp with Gygax's grinning portrait should be added.
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    D&D 5E Another D&D Next Playtest Survey

    Following your reasoning a car-company should not fix a problem in their cars' brakes because a good part of the cars didn't crash so far (maybe this is an overstatement but I hope you get my point). Since WotC is making a new system they should try to avoid the mistakes they made in the past...
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    D&D 5E Another D&D Next Playtest Survey

    Hello Defcon, there are many spells that have a deep impact on the way the game is played and combining them with the easy access a wizard has to them in 2e and 3e is what makes the wizard to be a problem at many tables. This extends to cleric and druid in 3e but let's look at the wizard as an...
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    D&D 4E 4e/Other Mechanics You Like

    I'm pretty much in agreement with your last list, even if Healing Surges would be on my "likes" list and magic items on the "dislikes". I would prefer 3e-like multiclassing but without too much front-loading of abilities, but won't like too much themes for multiclassing. 4e themes are an...
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    D&D 5E Another D&D Next Playtest Survey

    Actually we stopped using wizards in 3e because they spoiled the fun for everybody. That may be a reason why you don't see them played too much in 2e/3e games, they're so powerful that I would feel cheating if I used them. Actually my first 3e character was a wizard. I ran it up to 17th level...
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    RPG Codex Interview w/Mike Mearls

    I don't see many problems in D&D borrowing from MMOs or from pure videogames. They are a big industry with a lot of money and ideas and have been developing a lot in the last decade. The fact that 4e combat system has been developed taking into consideration an MMO possible conversion gave me...
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    D&D 5E Monster Creation in D&D Next

    Maybe Solos will have abilities like the playtest's Medusa serpents, basically adding more actions to the solo, instead of going for higher damage over an area in a single attack.
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    D&D 5E Monster Creation in D&D Next

    To me the minion-standard-elite-solo axis of 4e is just another tool that gives me the chance to have a more diversified monster basis for my campaign. But in 4e you have attack and defenses scaling with level pretty fast, so there's a marked difference between a 5th level elite and a 9th level...
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    D&D 5E Monster Creation in D&D Next

    I don't want to open the can-of-worms that is damage on a miss (even if I have no problem with it, I know many have), but what's your problem with "elite" or minimum roll 10? It's a sincere question, not an attempt to start a flame war.