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    D&D General Do you incorporate holiday or festive themes into your games?

    With the holiday season around the corner, I wanted to stir up a discussion about integrating holiday themes into our RPG campaigns. I recently designed an adventure titled "Thanksgiving Turmoil: The ROC Hunt" where, instead of the usual turkey, players hunt giant ROCs! It got me thinking about...
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    Hostage at Owlbear Ridge, an encounter

    Hostage at Owlbear Ridge, is an encounter for 2 level 4 adventurers are tasked with a delicate mission to deliver a ransom and secure the release of a hostage from a group of kobolds allied with an owlbear. The encounter demands careful negotiation and strategic thinking. Encounter...
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    Encounter Idea: Moonlit Glade

    "Moonlit Glade" is an engaging encounter designed for 2-4 level 3 players in the Cresthaven RPG. Set in an ever-shrinking mystical glade, players are tasked with solving a complex riddle to appease forest spirits and escape an ominous fate... As twilight falls, you enter a serene glade bathed in...
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    Group Forming - Pacific Timezone

    I'm looking to get together a group of AD&D (1st edition) for hangouts RPGing at 8:30pm Pacific time. Day is flexible.