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    Kickstarter On the Odder Side - Horror TTRPG

    On the Odder Side, the Low-Cost RPG Exploring a World of Bizarre Horrors The Game On the Odder Side is a tabletop role-playing game (TTRPG) rooted in the Mark of the Odd system, drawing inspiration from Chris McDowall's acclaimed Into the Odd. This game beckons players to venture into a realm...
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    Kickstarter TrashSexy - Raccoon Mayhem RPG Launched!

    Greetings and thanks so much! The game at Mepacon was fun but was juggling other sessions and only had a chance to run it once. It will also appear at Philadelphia Area Gaming Expo. One of the reward Tiers is an online game with me and I plan to run it online a bit once my schedule clears up...
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    Kickstarter TrashSexy - Raccoon Mayhem RPG Launched! Ending December 8th! You’re a Raccoon! You forage the shadows - from the deep woods to comfy suburbs to the tunnels and cave below cities. You and your Gaze pluck snacks, trash and the especially prized shinies. No backwoods...
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