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  1. Keto

    Level Up (A5E) Few questions

    Hello there. Been a while since I posted a question here. Also big thanks to anyone for answering my previous questions, in case I have not thanked you before (poor memory). My Session 1 for the a5e game is coming up soon and I wanted to know a few things before the game starts. 1. Some things...
  2. Keto

    Level Up (A5E) Skill Overlap?

    Oh, thank you for pointing it out for me. This is good to know. :)
  3. Keto

    Level Up (A5E) Skill Overlap?

    Hi there. I have been wondering if a5e has 'skill stacking' or 'overlap'. I am aware that normal 5e does not have it so you should never pick two same skill proficiencies (where in some cases they state you get doubled proficiency if you already have normal proficiency). So I have been wondering...
  4. Keto

    Fabula Ultima Offers A Good Beginning To A Final Fantasy

    Good to know. I will check it out, thanks!
  5. Keto

    Fabula Ultima Offers A Good Beginning To A Final Fantasy

    I am interested in this game. Have been for some time, but I do not know if it is being developed anymore and I cannot find anything on Foundry VTT regarding the systems for it.
  6. Keto

    Level Up (A5E) New DM for A5E has some questions.

    Hello there. I am soon going to become a DM for A5E. I have been reading the rules and, so far, enjoying what I see. Definitely an improvement upon 5e and most of my players dig the idea. However, I have some questions on several topics while reading this. I will make sure to create a different...