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    Which one is harder - the fighter or the barbarian ?

    Which one is harder - the fighter or the barbarian ? please let me introduce myself i am steven from north wales i have personally played as 4 fighters sinch i started DND 3/4 years ago and my other group members have played DND for up to 15 years each. A few of them have played as barbarians...
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    psychic warrior - the killing machine

    Psychic warrior thany you one and all for your posts on this touchy subject, touchy because our DM doesnt believe that psionics have any part in the standard DND adventure. i want to prove to my dm that if you spend some time on a psionist they can prove deadly and worth while allyies. As for...
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    Mongooses Assassin

    id assume like the order of the bow initiate that the sneak attacks damage stack with each other
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    psychic warrior - the killing machine

    Thank You Thank you for all th ereplies so far, and for the question on books that can be used any book that is allowed in the forgotten realms setting I will give you this one that dwarf is dam hard and with a decent ac and decent damage i think it could go toe to toe with the big guys thank...
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    Vampire + drow

    rancor attack i believe it says some where in the description in the rancor attack for maybe the foe hunter or the hunded hunter that a rancor attack affects undead. But i would go for yes the favoured enemy would work. If you slice a drows throat ear to ear does it hurt as a vampire, Dam right :)
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    Elven/Elvish Names, Anyone Need One? (Closed, Use new thread)

    Im serious(its his title) Order of the bow initiate, bowman to the court of the elven lords keen eye far shot able to strike far and wide thx dude man will my dnd group be shocked when my lvl 14 bow initiate decides to tell they hes actually the elven lords court bowman :) in elven LOL
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    Character betraying party... thoughts?

    a word in your ear who said her intent was killing your characters as a dm i would make the task of killing you all a slow and arduous project that would be time consuming and very delicate, when you want it lease puff a lovly backstab, teleport and one dead character and one safe thief. now...
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    Frenzied Berserker saving throw for rage

    Fight for It Pete Tell chris to change it to 5 = 1 and be done with it
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    PC's always ruining your adventures with magic?

    The point the whole point of this post was that being a dm does it piss you off when the high level cleric and wizard come against that chaos beast theve been working to kill all adventure and you role infront of the players and the cleric casts destruction and the choas beast fails its save...
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    Vampire + drow

    Undead ranger bonuses is it the undead hunter or what from the master of the wild or another book but im sure somewhere ive read that a rangers undead favoured enemy can do damage with a certain class and theres also a feat in the net book of feats from...
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    psychic warrior - the killing machine

    i would like all you out ther ewith the psionic handbook out there to please make a psychic warrior of total levels of 14 using what ever race/class you want to the total of 14 levels the stats you get to start with are as follows 18,17,14,14,13,11 they can go where ever you wish this...
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    Firing into a Antil magic shell

    my defenition to my knowledge which i will state now is not of god level with 3e DND the bonus on the arrow stays on the arrow untill it makes contact with the opponent it was fired at ? So by that theory shouldnt the bonus for the arrow from the bow be cancelled when it enters the Anti magic...
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    What does OotBI stand for?

    Gishnak/Gnashrak you insult me dude im your cousin playing a order of the bow initiate and you never asked me :)
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    WANTED Melee Types that stand up longer Apply Within

    Im In Anditches group :) Basically the group consists of the following :- Deep Wood Sniper(half celestial) - anditch (Taygar) Bow Initiate - Me (Mandrake) Cleric - A fellow player (Zandaria) Cohort - Minatour (close combat) Sorcerer(half celestial) - (Liander) Wizard(half Dragon) - (Galadrien)...