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    You're doing what? Surprising the DM

    "Would this work?" "How would this work if I did...?"
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    D&D 3E/3.5 Going back to 3.5 - advice?

    3.5 prep time is only long if you think you have to make every encounter and NPC like a PC. You don't Most NPCs don't even need a full set of skills or skills by class. Know what your PCs are capable of and make your encounters to suit. This may take some practice. As long as your end product...
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    Pathfinder 1E How to deal with high AC PCs

    Wait...the fighter is being effective and you want to punish him for that? /facepalm
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    D&D 5E Healing, Resurrection, and the "N" Word

    In my campaigns curing is ("white") Necromancy, my second choice would be Evocation, not Conjuration. Conjuration: manipulates space/time (ok, more space and not so much time...) to bring creatures or objects to your location or to allow you to rapidly travel great (and small) distances...
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    Wizards and healing spells

    I do not see this as a problem mechanically. The Wizard wants to heal? Great, let him do it. Every Cure-line spell cast (in combat or out of combat) is one fewer Battlefield Control, Save or Die, or Direct Damage spell cast later. Fluff dictates that healing is the province of the divine...
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    Keeping the Party Awake

    Hmm. Not mention Summons...
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    Must have book per edition

    I can't pick just one and I just know I am going to neglect excellent books from each edition. Ah well... 1e: * Legends and Lore: for a kid who loved reading about ancient mythologies, this was an amazing find in my youth. * Unearthed Arcana: so much good stuff. I used this all through 2e. 2e...
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    D&D 5E Poll: What is a Level 1 PC?

    Any of the above is fine, depends on the context of the setting.
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    What do you guys think Tony Stark's (Iron Man) Intelligence Score would be?

    Before level upgrades, "items", etc... and assuming none of them have templates. Reed Richards (and possibly Dr Strange): 18. Tony Stark: 17-18 Peter Parker: 15 - 16
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    Do you roll NPC/Monster stats?

    Sure, sure. I don't tend to play realistic people in D&D. I play Heroes (and sometimes villains).
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    Piercing Cold Feat

    A Corrupted and Violated SLA, say Cone of Cold for 40pts would deal 10 Unholy, 10 Unholy / Vile, 10 Cold, and 10 Cold / Vile. The cold immune victim would be immune to the latter half (both of which are still Cold dmg)... making it Vile does not make it less cold. Vile is not a damage type of...
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    Do you roll NPC/Monster stats?

    Well, perhaps unfortunately, there is a "right way" to make a Fighter (for example). High Str and Con is far more effective than say going with Dex and Cha (swashbuckler style?) Until that changes, expect players to want certain scores in certain stats for certain class configurations. This is...
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    AD&D 1st edition and 2nd edition differences?

    IIRC, you roll stats, then choose race and class. So if you get an 18, why bother with percentile when you can just choose a race that gives +1 Str and have a 19? Elf had a subrace... Wood or Wild that gave +1 str and +1 dex...
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    Do you roll NPC/Monster stats?

    I don't roll for stats either way (PC or NPC). Randomization is great for combat, but I am over it for character creation. And as a DM I just give whatever stats makes sense to me at the time. Mooks are generally pretty average in everything but what I need them to do. NPCs of note are built on...
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    Piercing Cold Feat

    Which is why (I presume) Dandu also listed Corrupted SLA. 1/2 damage is Unholy and Vile and half would be Cold and Vile. The cold immune critter would be immune to only the Cold/Vile damage and not the Unholy/Vile half.
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    Pathfinder 1E What is Paizo going to do when 5E comes out?

    Paizo? They will continue to make a superior RPG product, I suspect. If 5e is backwards compatible enough, people will buy PF modules to run with 5e. Some of us might not even notice 5e's release.
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    Deitys and Apologies

    ranging off subject a bit... Dragons in my campaigns are not "color-coded for your convenience". The last dragon the party fought was a Huge black scaled beast with a swim speed (like blacks) and with the BW and immunities of reds. Oh and dragons tend to be Neutral Evil.
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    Deitys and Apologies

    Which is why the Good gods (dragons, races in general) are far less interesting to DM or interact with than the Neutral or Evil gods (etc). :p
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    Deitys and Apologies

    Typically not. Even the good gods view you as their toys. One does not apologize to their G.I. Joe if they happen to snap its leg off (of shoot at it with a BB gun, like I did as a kid). Vecna wasn't even a Demi-God (in D&D that tends to mean "diet god") before 3e. He was a Lich. In my...
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    death giant PC

    I don't have my MM III handy, but try this... Reduce stats by the Elite Array (15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8? its something like that) to find new racial bonuses (this will not match up WotC's way of doing it, but it should come up with something more PC friendly... while still being a Giant). Reduce...