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    Best horror modules any system any game

    The new adventure, Digging for a Dead God is great. Nazis...jungle...Call of Cthulhu...that alone is worth the price of admission, but the pregens (6 of them) make for a very special event...get this now!
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    Runebound vs. Talisman. Go.

    Runebound is great for solo play. My favorite board game is Arkham Horror-check it out...
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    WFRP - THIRD Edition Announced from FFG

    I tap my three blue mana to cast...oops, wrong game-or is it?
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    Pathfinder 1E While Pathfinder is not for me I still love Paizo because...

    My names is Morpheus and I, um, buy all of their stuff because I have a problem. It could be worse I suppose...
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    Savage Worlds

    One of the nice things about SW from the GM's perspective is the use of NPCs. the PCs can use allies (extras-not Wild Cards) and run them themselves-less work for the GM. Running combat is less time-consuming as there is less to keep track of for the NPCs as there are only two conditions to keep...
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    Free RPG Day is Saturday!

    I ran a game of Savage Worlds (using Necropolis 2350) at The Comics Club in Brandon, FL (the only game store in the Tampa area participating in Free RPG Day). We played outside-95+ degrees. I guess I'll do anything to get my gaming fix...
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    Are you participating in Free RPG Day this year (2009)?

    I'll be running a Savage Worlds adventure set in Necropolis 2350. The players only have 30 minutes (game time-not real time) to stop a train that has been taken over by...well, that would be telling...Needless to stay, they are going to have the, ahem, ride of their lives...;)
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    Suggest an RPG (not D&D)

    Savage Worlds is an excellent choice because of the ease of learning the rules and the fact that allies are included in the base rules making the GM's work even easier (fewer NPCs to run). Check out some of the campaign settings (Shaintar and Hellfrost) as they are both fantasy also. The tag...
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    What alternate game systems are you trying out if you don't like 4e?

    Savage Worlds-Playing Rippers for now and I'm in the process of Savaging the Legacy of Fire adventure path which we will start this summer.
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    Tell me about "Any RPG" from before 1990!

    Call of Cthulhu is the prototypical horror rpg from any era, but came out in the 80s. James Bond 007 was a really good game; didn't play it much, but the game system is terrific. Top Secret-Top notch. A lot of fun and I think Spycraft is a worthy successor to this fun game.
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    Which Necromancer Games Adventures Worth Getting/Avoiding?

    Good Stuff Necromancer makes quality stuff with one caveat-the modules are tough, so your PCs will have to be at the top of their game. Here are some of the ones you will want to check out: The Fane of the Witch King-Great dungeon crawl with interesting villains. Aberrations-Very cool premise...
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    3.5 Discounts (Forked Thread: New 3.xE Products in 2009)

    Ditto...these were the can also get some deals when someone sells their stuff in ENWorld's Marketplace.
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    Top 100 3PP Books of the Third Edition Era?

    Ptolus by Malhavoc Iron Kingdoms by Privateer Press Spycraft 2e by Crafty Games Conan by Mongoose Midnight by Fantasy Flight Games Dawnforge by FFG
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    Thinking about Warhammer?

    Check out C.L. Werner's trilogy (Witch Hunter, Witch Finder, Witch Killer)...terrific...
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    Looking for a good ruined city adventure setting

    Ruins of Intrigue is for Arcana Evolved, but is a pretty easily converted to 4e. The biggest difference is the city has been discovered and various factions are vying for control...
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    call of cthulhu edition

    Don't sweat it-mostly flavor and layout...Heck, you could go all the way back to the 1st edition and not have to change much at all...that's longevity...
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    [D20 CoC] Beyond the Mountains of Madness Campaign - Recruiting Alternate Players

    Sorry for your loss, Job. I'm glad you are back and Martin is ready for whatever the uncaring universe has in store for him...
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    Tampa Enworlders

    Best game store in the area is The Comics Club in Brandon (not as good as Sci-Fi City, but it's ours)...As for food, it depends on what you are in the mood for...steak and seafood (Jessie's-again, in Brandon)...chinese (P.F. Chang's) at the Westshore Mall...sushi...Samurai Blue in Ybor...
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    RotRL or CotCT

    I'm about to start running CotCT myself. I like the idea of having a campaign set within a city-lots of investigation, mystery, etc.
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    [D20 CoC] Beyond the Mountains of Madness Campaign - Recruiting Alternate Players

    No worries...real life is more important than gaming-but only just barely! ;)