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  1. Emiricol

    Of Fey and Shadow - A Midnight story hour (Restored 14 May 2006)

    No answer, that is, except for a stiff hand placed on his shoulder. "Do not look so grim my friend, we are not dead men yet, and if these defenses of yours work we may yet win this battle," spoke Hargeld, leader of the rebels in the village. Carith nodded and then began to walk with the man...
  2. Emiricol

    Of Fey and Shadow - A Midnight story hour (Restored 14 May 2006)

    In a couple of minutes, more archers arrived, and after they had taken a position atop the wall, the gate was opened enough for six armed men to come out. One, at the fore, seemed to carry himself with authority. "Well then. Refugees usually flee west, not east. I am told you have some wild...
  3. Emiricol

    Of Fey and Shadow - A Midnight story hour (Restored 14 May 2006)

    Well then. Fortunately I have backups of the writeups I had done this year :) I will repost as time allows. The campaign just came to conclusion (for now), but you'll have to wait and see how it ends :)
  4. Emiricol

    Problem Domains that need Fixing

    Awesome. Fixed in one fell swoop :) If anyone, anyone has time to finish revising the 2.0 guide, we can get the collection delivered and responsibility transfered. My own free time degenerated first to having to play only play-by-post, to now I'm only in a couple of even those, and that's a...
  5. Emiricol

    Increasing T13K Activity

    Hey, I'm intermittently lurking about. Ultimately, any effort to really revive the project is doomed until the guide is finished. DMEntropy (and Memnus) has the latest on that. As for me, at this point in my life I don't have much time for gaming. I'd hoped that would change about three...
  6. Emiricol

    Dragonstar...anyone still playing it? Did you play it?

    I have the set, and have played. Combat is indeed brutal, but the game was a *lot* of fun, imo. It was definitely D&D in space though. These days, I'd probably borrow the setting information, but use D20Modern+Future for the mechanics.
  7. Emiricol

    Of Fey and Shadow - A Midnight story hour (Restored 14 May 2006)

    Thank you! I'm really glad you are enjoying the story hour. I think it is mostly the system and setting - I feel at times like I am just sort of along for the ride and the campaign is writing itself. The setting has a depth, if you go below the surface, that is really impressive, and the...
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    Darwin's World vs D20 Apocalypse?

    If the only reasons to buy D20Apoc instead of Darwins World 2 are these, I think DW2 presents the better value. Add to this the fact that the really high tech can simply be ignored if you prefer, without altering anything significantly (ie without any real effort on the DMs part), and the value...
  9. Emiricol

    D&D 2E Help me design a Midnight 2e channeler

    Your problems may not be something you can fix with your current DM. Based solely on this one post, I'd probably be looking for a new DM personally. But if you must keep this DM, make a combat monster and let the DM know this is an attempt to make a PC that fits his DM style. Then if he...
  10. Emiricol

    Of Fey and Shadow - A Midnight story hour (Restored 14 May 2006)

    Ha! Thanks. He's starting to only wake up 3-4 times each night... o.0
  11. Emiricol

    Of Fey and Shadow - A Midnight story hour (Restored 14 May 2006)

    Thrayn watched as his companion sat down into his trance. "Make this quick. Masking the magic within us will do no good if someone sees you working sorcery," he grunted in the Norther tongue. He grimaced and took a step between Carith and the village. Staring down at the rubbish heap, he...
  12. Emiricol

    WotC -- Worst Excerpt EVAR!

    Weapons of Legacy? Imbued with Legacy?? They need a thesaurus (and a dictionary). Still, I hope the content is better than their choice of fluff terms.
  13. Emiricol

    Of Fey and Shadow - A Midnight story hour (Restored 14 May 2006)

    Spring, 100 Last Age The journey was long, and much of it arduous. They traveled north through the Carunsil, then east out of the safety of the Fey woods and into the lands of Men and Orc - the Northlands. The four companions had faced unspeakably foul walking dead, the weather, even wild...
  14. Emiricol

    True20 system released by itself

    It doesn't really work that way. If you play a Warrior and go to Adept, you most certainly can learn new skills. Basically, skills always balance out after a few levels.
  15. Emiricol

    True20 system released by itself

    Having reviewed the New True20 now with friends, I have to say that my group prefers to just keep using Blue Rose without the setting. The differences between BR mechanics and New True20 mechanics are enough that it isn't really the same thing. EDIT: Although there are a few features we'll keep...
  16. Emiricol

    Midnight Second Edition

    I'll be picking up the 2E as budget allows :)
  17. Emiricol

    True20 system released by itself

    Thanks for the summary. I'll try to find this "other thread" you mentioned :)
  18. Emiricol

    True20 system released by itself

    How does it differ than the Blue Rose book I bought for the rules? BR rocks for Midnight, by the way. Is True20 any different, really?
  19. Emiricol

    D20 Apocalypse Designers - Q&A Here

    Sadly, most places are out of stock even online. Might try ebay, or check the DW2 yahoo group for leads. The PDFs don't come as one big PDF, but as 3 smaller ones for easier reading, but it still isn't the same as hardcopy I know. I don't mind PDFs but it took me a long time to get used to them...
  20. Emiricol

    What are you going to buy next?

    CM Companion for Victory by Any Means, from - a space strategy/conquest game. Not really picking up much D20 stuff in the near future, I think.