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  1. Mr. Wilson

    WotC may have sent the Pinkertons to a magic leakers home. Update: WotC confirms it and has a response.

    edit note: There was a big post about my line of work and how it pertains to this situation, but it's probably best not to advertise. I'd delete the post but don't think I can. So, here, have a nice meme:
  2. Mr. Wilson

    D&D Movie/TV Rate the D&D movie

    I voted an 8. But holy cow, did I love it. Seeing some of the locations and ideas I've loved my entire life actually materialized on film made me almost tear up.
  3. Mr. Wilson

    D&D Movie/TV Guess the D&D Movie Opening Weekend Box Office Performance, and Win a Prize!

    $52m Fantasy movies aren't huge blockbusters with the notable exception of LoTR, so about half the opening of Ant Man.
  4. Mr. Wilson

    D&D General Best D&D Novels

    Obviously, Chronicles was my intro into D&D and is very special to me for that reason. I also liked many of the Eberron novel series, particularly the Thorn of Breland series and The Blade of Flame series.
  5. Mr. Wilson

    D&D 5E "When DMing I Avoid Making the PCs have 'pointless' combats." (a poll)

    Some of my best plot advances have come about from pointless encounters. For example, my group is currently playing a hexcrawl. When they entered a hex, I rolled a random encounter; in this case it was a corpse hanging from the inside of a cabin out in the woods (I am using a random encounter...
  6. Mr. Wilson

    D&D General Jenny Greenwood, Ed Greenwood's wife passed away, she played Jhessail Silvertree.

    My sincere condolences to Mr. Greenwood for his losses.
  7. Mr. Wilson

    D&D 5E How many players would use a service like this

    If you can make $20 per player per session at 4 hours each with 5 players each game that's $100.00 per session. I won't lie and say I haven't thought about it. Even 1 game a week paid is a nice income boost. But beware, you've turned your hobby into a profession with all the good and bad...
  8. Mr. Wilson

    D&D 5E Challenge: Invent a PHB Class List with 6 Classes

    The three points of the triangle: Combat Specialist (Figher), Skill Monkey (Rogue), Magic User (Wizard). The Three points between the triangle: Combat Specialist-Magic User: Cleric Combat Specialist-Skill Monkey- Ranger Skill Monkey-Magic User: Bard or Artificer
  9. Mr. Wilson


    I don't buy adventure books, so I'm going to pass on this one. I have no problem with an only POC book, wish it would have been a new setting book.
  10. Mr. Wilson

    D&D 5E WotC Survey about PHB spells!

    I took it and provided feedback. I rated many utility spells that require concentration as dissatisfied. I called out Barkskin for just how bad it is in comparison to Mage Armor when it basically fulfills the same function for spell casting druids. I also rated Wish as very dissatisfied...
  11. Mr. Wilson

    D&D 5E What would your 5 PC party be?

    The First Four are pretty easy: Lore Bard. Twilight Cleric. Totem Barbarian. Divination Wizard. The 5th Spot is hardest. I could see any of the Wildfire Druid, Battlemaster Fighter, Hexblade, or Watcher Paladin making a good fifth.
  12. Mr. Wilson

    D&D 5E What 3 Settings did you pick in the Survey

    I checked the Homebrew, Eberron, and Dark Sun options. My Homebrewed world that I used for 20 years was based off Dragonlance, FR, and incorporated some Eberron when it came out. My new Homebrew is based off Dark Sun, late Bronze Age-early Iron Age historical civilizations, and...
  13. Mr. Wilson

    D&D 5E What are your (up to) three favorite character classes?

    No Warlord yet, which is my favorite class. I went with Barbarian, Bard, and Rogue. The third one could easily be any of the Rogue/Cleric/Wizard/Fighter given how I am feeling that day.
  14. Mr. Wilson

    D&D 5E What are your (up to 3) favorite character races? - Wizards Survey Duplication

    Human, Half-Elf, Halfling for me. If you asked my wife, she'd say the Cat People (Tabaxi), the Bunny People (Harengon), and the Dragon People (Dragonborn).
  15. Mr. Wilson

    D&D 5E In your Years of Gaming, How many Psionic Characters did you See played

    I have played since the early 90s and have never seen a psionic PC in DnD. I have seen them in other games like Deadlands, Rifts, and TMNT.
  16. Mr. Wilson

    Amazon ratings of Ghosts of Saltmarsh

    The book has an updated version of "The Stynes", which is probably my favorite Dungeon adventure. For that alone, I bought the book. Also, it has updated ship rules, which is kinda important to my campaign because one of my players is a Tabaxi Pirate hoping to return home to Xen'drik. Arrrr!
  17. Mr. Wilson

    D&D 5E The Final Announcement from The Descent Live Stream: Eberron Hardcover

    Not sure if serious, but if so, Keith has created a bunch of Lore regarding the Dragonborn in Eberron that actually is really interesting.
  18. Mr. Wilson

    D&D Player Profile

    This reminds me that I'm getting older, given that I had to check 21+ years of playing.
  19. Mr. Wilson

    How often does your party use a potion of healing

    I use the commonly used Bonus Action to drink one yourself, standard action to administer one to your friend houserule. Last campaign, they didn't really use that many potions because they had a bard with a staff of healing. This campaign, the only one that can heal is a Moon Druid who spends...