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    As a GM, how do you manage your time?

    It's hard work being a DM. I've found over the years that using premade maps is a lifesaver like you describe. I also google ideas all the time or talk with friends outside my rpg group about my idea for a certain dungeon or part of the campaign and just hit them up for ideas. That has worked...
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    Handling behind the scenes events in your RPG game.

    I'm currently running a Forgotten Realms campaign with D&D 5e. The game is a more political game focusing on Scardale, following the heir of Lashan PC and his group of companions that are trying to help the people of the area and for him to claim the throne there eventually once he has enough...
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    GM needs help with a Time Loop idea!

    For a little backstory, I am going to be running a campaign set in Forgotten Realms, where the heroes have to seek out Lashan Aumersair, who almost conquered the Dalelands to rule a united kingdom under him. It is 20 some years later, and Lashan is known (according to behind the scenes lore) to...
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    Help Me Out With My Vampire Encounter

    I would and tend to always default to the side of what the villain would do. It's important that the NPC's that you've written are consistent. The PC's will respect that, and should be accountable for their own choices. If their choices get them killed, they will at least respect that. From then...
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    Help Me Out With My Vampire Encounter

    This is really detailed and interesting. I love the different factions you have going. I don't want to get too specific with my reply as it's a lot to follow, but I would say that the vampire has infiltrated them for a reason, he knows that if he's exposed, he will have to deal with more and...
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    Need advice/resources for war in my campaign

    This is awesome too. I love the breakdown of the LOTR books too, it's been too long so I don't remember how they played out. I was wondering about that too, just bringing an overwhelming army to shatter the major alliance, which would effectively end the war. All he would have to do then would...
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    Need advice/resources for war in my campaign

    This sounds really interesting. I like the idea of them having to use scouts and intel and it not be a straightforward battle exactly. I love the idea of them using more deception like that.
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    Need advice/resources for war in my campaign

    So I'm running a Lord of the Rings style campaign setting, with very low magic. It's very similar to an older D&D campaign setting, where one of the Gods turns on the others and is banished from heaven. He twists humans, elves and other races into monsters (orcs, goblins, etc.) and sets out to...