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  1. Volaran

    WotBS 13th Age Icons for the Burning Sky thoughts?

    This is more for any players that wish to be clerics, druids, etc. Back in the day, both Morrus and Ryan had mentioned leaving specific gods out of the published campaign so people could slot in whatever pantheon they liked. Sounds like that might have been retconned since then. I just...
  2. Volaran

    WotBS 13th Age Icons for the Burning Sky thoughts?

    Thanks Ryan. It is always nice to see you chip in about your older material, even though Zeitgeist is the big thing these days. My thought on the Mother of Dreams would be not to initially announce her as an available, but introduce the option with a free point once the trillith were...
  3. Volaran

    WotBS 13th Age Icons for the Burning Sky thoughts?

    Wow, it has been years since I've logged into my ENWorld account, but I can't think of a better place for this kind of question. I'm tossing around ideas for a 13th Age conversion of the War of the Burning Sky, and I thought I'd see if anyone had some thoughts on Icons for the WotBS World. For...
  4. Volaran

    How do your rogues get their sneak attacks in?

    None of the Pathfinder players I've GMed for have built a rogue with combat as their main priority, and I've never had any 'Why can't I sneak attack all the time?' complaints either. They've understood that sneak attack is situational. As for when they _do_ use sneak attack, it varies. Some...
  5. Volaran

    My Paladin

    Keep in mind that Heirloom Weapon trait now has errata. It is no longer a masterwork weapon that provides an additional +1 trait bonus to attack/damage. Instead it is a standard weapon that provides a +2 to one combat maneuver, or +1 to attacks of opportunity. If your heirloom is your sword...
  6. Volaran

    What if?

    I seem to recall the argument for switching from 1/hour to 1/min per level in 3.5 was because many groups were casting these sets of spells every morning, instead of going with permanent magical items. It never really bothered me much, since the spells were easier to disrupt with Dispels, and...
  7. Volaran

    Weaponless Magus Archetype idea

    Perhaps allow the Unarmed Magus to access the Stunning Fist or Elemental Fist feats at earlier levels, and allow them to be used 1/day per Magus level.
  8. Volaran

    Pathfinder 1E Where on Golarion?

    I would kind of suggest 'off the map' as well, if you want to use the trappings and gods of Golarion. You'd need a powerful empire with a powerful, hostile elven nation with a city between them, analogues for most of the specific locations (like the fire forest, a city by the sea with mage...
  9. Volaran

    Pathfinder 1E [Pathfinder] Firearms question?

    Subscribers gain access to the Paizo pdfs when their physical shipments are sent out, which usually about a week before they are publicly available. If I recall correctly, around GenCon, shipments go out a little earlier than normal, so even earlier access to the pdfs.
  10. Volaran

    Unarmed disarm

    Your base CMB will be the same as the martial classes, so there is validity to doing a disarm-based monk. If you are going for unarmed disarms, rather than using a monk weapon with the Disarm quality (like the nunchaku), you won't be able to add the base +2 and any enhancement bonuses to your...
  11. Volaran

    My PF Questions

    So, say a wizard normally goes to sleep at midnight and prepares his spells at 8am. If he's not interrupted, everything is cool. If he's woken up at 5am by a surprise attack, and uses some of his prepared spells (say 2 castings of magic missile and one fireball), he can still go back to sleep...
  12. Volaran

    My PF Questions

    A spell that has a casting time of "1 full round" takes up all your actions for that round, but you get to use the full effects of that spell, whatever they may be. A spell that takes "1 round" to cast, is technically a full round action, but is actually taking even longer to cast. You're...
  13. Volaran


    Well, for roleplaying purposes, there are situations where it makes more sense to be Intimidating instead of Diplomatic to get what you want. Indeed, there are many reasons for a character to be skilled in one, but not the other. One skill also doesn't prevent a character from using the other...
  14. Volaran

    Ultimate Combat previews have started!

    I kind of wonder if the Ranger using guns will be more likely to show up as a just a combat style, rather than a full on archetype.
  15. Volaran

    Spears as double weapons

    I wouldn't worry about even needing a feat for it. 1d8/1d6 isn't really that much better than a quarterstaff. Unless you find it is seriously unbalancing the campaign, I'd leave it as is.
  16. Volaran

    Cheliax and hell

    Yeah, I think it would depend on the particular players. I've certainly played with numerous Christians over the years, and none have been particularly upset by references to Hell, etc. Generally, I've found that if they want to roleplay in a fantasy world, they're able to separate it from...
  17. Volaran

    Mounted Grapple

    I can't think of any rule that would prevent you from staying mounted. Your mount would have all the penalties of being involved in a grapple, so that is probably enough. Keep in mind that your mount needs a Bite, Claw, Pincers, Slam, Tentacles or Tail Slap evolution in order to take improved...
  18. Volaran

    Bindable Monsters that can cast wish

    Marids, Noble Djinn, and Noble Shaitan can all grant non-genies wishes as well. Marids are limited to 1 wish/year though, and basic Djinn and Shaitan cannot grant wishes at all.
  19. Volaran

    Making a dangerous, villainous bard

    I wouldn't recommend the leadership feat for an NPC. Since NPC's are basically story devices, the GM is pretty much free to give them as many subordinates as they like, with whatever degree of loyalty is necessary for the plot.
  20. Volaran

    Pathfinder 1E Considering DMing Pathfinder

    I think I would agree with some of the other posters here. Much as I love Pathfinder, I don't think it addresses the problems you have with 3.5. If you're finding 3.5 unwieldy at 6th level, I think you'd be better off going another way. That said, as KnightErrantJR said, check out the PRD...