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  1. Tewligan

    Hobgoblins as a PC Race

    That was a weird, aggressively rude response.
  2. Tewligan

    D&D 5E Daggers, Knives, and Darts...... Are there no Knives in 5E....?!?!?!

    Ugh, I hear you, man. When I took a look at the PHB at the game store, I noticed that it has the price for a hunk of cheese...but what about a wedge?! Sorry, WotC, I think I'll pass on this one!
  3. Tewligan

    D&D 5E Elven trance and long rests

    A long rest isn't just sleeping/trancing, though. It includes eating, binding wounds, yadda yadda. An elf may only be zoned out for 4 hours of it, but a long rest is minimum 8 hours regardless.
  4. Tewligan

    D&D 5E 5th edition Forgotten Realms: Why can't you just ignore the lore?

    I imagine at least one reason is because people who would be writing a thick FR campaign guidea would then not be using that time to write other things that appeal to a more general audience.
  5. Tewligan

    D&D 5E Vrax the Rock Thrower

    Nothing, and now it's too far away to do anything in the future, either!
  6. Tewligan

    D&D 5E Halflings Of The Corn

    The lute-playing halfling on page 26 of the PHB is LITERALLY the worst piece of art in the three core books.
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    Amazon Coupon 25% off any Book: DMG for $22.48

    Hm, damn - it's not letting me apply it to the Star Wars: Edge of the Empire book I had my eye on. Boo!
  8. Tewligan

    D&D 5E coupon 25% off any one book

    Hm, damn - it's not letting me apply it to the Star Wars: Edge of the Empire book I had my eye on. Boo!
  9. Tewligan

    D&D 5E Amazon and the DMG: What's the story?

    I have it on preorder with Amazon, and it's showing a guaranteed delivery of December 9.
  10. Tewligan

    Adventurer Conqueror King as a preview of D&D Next?

    Did you mean to say "than"? If not, then you have an odd pregame ritual! "Hey, Mircoles - wanna play Adventurer Conqueror King?" "Ooh, the game with Vancian magic? Hell yeah, man - lemme go puke first, and then I will be ready to roll some dice BIG TIME!"
  11. Tewligan

    WotC to Release 1st Edition Premium Core Rulebooks Reprints

    I bet the new covers refer to the old ones, though - if the PHB doesn't feature some sort of a demon idol, I'll be mighty surprised!
  12. Tewligan

    Knights of the Scarlet Woman

    Haha. Yeah, rape IS pretty hilarious.
  13. Tewligan

    CoC: Miniatures vs. No Miniatures

    Yep. When I ran my CoC campaign, I just used a small dry erase board like you hang on the refrigerator to scribble down any quick sketches or whatever to illustrate what was going on when needed.
  14. Tewligan

    Fellow player fudging rolls

    My god - I have no idea why this thread is four pages full of people pussyfooting around offering creative ways to not embarrass this guy who sits there blatantly lying his ass off to everyone else every week at the table. Who gives a damn if he gets embarrassed or offended? He's presumably an...
  15. Tewligan

    The name "Xi"

    Ha - we used to watch Xuxa all the time in my dorm in college for some reason. And by "for some reason" I mean "because she was hot and hilariously frantically insane."
  16. Tewligan

    The name "Xi"

    I think you're overthinking it WAY too much. Are your players the kind to make fun of/joke about a lot of ingame stuff? If not, it's no problem. If they are, then they'll joke about whatever name you use anyway, so you may as well use this one. Use it, it's fine. And no one's going to confuse it...
  17. Tewligan

    Why is "I don't like it" not good enough?

    Well, D&D has always been a mishmash of stuff pulled from different cultures, whether it's an ogre magi living the next room over from a rakshasa in the dungeon, or the tendency of players way back in the 1E days to make clerics of whatever god whose picture they most liked in "Deities &...
  18. Tewligan

    Why is "I don't like it" not good enough?

    Good suggestion. Also, of course, Yggdrasil is the "world tree" of Norse mythology. I would definitely play up the Viking aspect of the game, given that strong starting imagery - maybe something about their iron weapons, and the strong themes of fate and predestiny that go through so much of the...
  19. Tewligan

    The kindness of friends...

    Well, that or just rolling on the thief's "Find/Remove Traps" skill. ;)
  20. Tewligan

    Why is "I don't like it" not good enough?

    I blame those no-good booze-leeching "friends" you invite over to your house!