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  1. Clangador

    D&D 5E DMs: How Old Are You?

    48 here. Been playing & DMing since 1979.
  2. Clangador

    That creepy kid from twilight zone.

    I will have to watch those two episodes now.
  3. Clangador

    That creepy kid from twilight zone.

    I will have to go back and watch the episode. I don't recall the specifics of that aspect. The girl didn't seem omniscience based on all the questions she was asking her father.
  4. Clangador

    That creepy kid from twilight zone.

    That was his daughter, and she could create and destroy. At the end of the episode, she recreates the world for them.
  5. Clangador

    Red Dawn

    I liked it, but still feel the original was better.
  6. Clangador

    SANDMAN: Map of Halaal--Goblinoid Games now publishing

    Nice. I liked the copy of Timemaster I got from you at Gary Con.
  7. Clangador

    Day of the Vorpal Sword

    Sounds like a scene from The Road Warrior.
  8. Clangador

    What to do in the Seattle area?

    EMP also has a science fiction museum. It is pretty sweet.
  9. Clangador

    Story Designing and GM Authority Help

    Players don't tell DMs what to do. End of story.
  10. Clangador

    On the nature of dungeons in your campaign.

    Sound a bit like some of Michael Moorcock's works.
  11. Clangador

    What was your first module?

    B2 has got to be a lot of people's first dungeon. It was so prevalent "back in the day." It's a great module.
  12. Clangador

    The glory of OD&D

    I started playing D&D when OD&D was still in print, but I started on Holmes Basic and then OAD&D. While I would like to try OD&D sometime, I don't get the appeal of it. The thing that interests me about the game is that is was the first ever version of D&D. Yes, it's a reveried piece of gaming...
  13. Clangador

    The glory of OD&D

    Someone has been getting into the crack again. :confused:
  14. Clangador

    What was your first module?

    Damn, you attacked the keep? Perhaps your DM should have said something about that not being normal behavior.
  15. Clangador

    PC's with no fashion sense!

    Medieval? Since when is D&D medieval? Adventurers are an odd lot anyway. People expect them to be "different."
  16. Clangador

    What was your first module?

    What was the first module you ever went thru? Mine was B1 In Search of the Unknown. My poor magic user, Glom the Mighty, died in the second room. :\
  17. Clangador

    Would these maps make for a fun dungeon adventure?

    Well I love exploring old dungeons. back "in the day" my old DM use to say why spend your time in some musty old cave when you can get out in the fresh air. I still prefered the dungeons. The game was named DUNGEONS & Dragons for a reason. :D
  18. Clangador

    When Did You Start Playing D+D?

    October of 1977 made my first character. I don't think I actually played until December of the same year. My middle school had a D&D club. :cool:
  19. Clangador

    Classic D&D - Those Were The Days, with lyrics!

    I'm scarred for life. :confused:
  20. Clangador

    How to dissect Steading of the Hill Giant Chief?

    The original modules have no linkage. Now the supermodules link the T, A, and GDQ series together. I don't recall the details.