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  1. aurance

    D&D 5E How do they generate revenue?

    Okay - so basically fewer staff plus selling more per title. Makes sense.
  2. aurance

    D&D 5E How do they generate revenue?

    Hi guys. I haven't posted in a super long time. But just curious... With the slower schedule of D&D 5e releases, does anyone know how the revenue stream is for this edition compared to the previous sales models? How is it maintained? Is it a net positive or is the D&D budget being bolstered by...
  3. aurance

    'Dropping Total HP' Houserule

    We played around with Wounds, but eventually ditched it as we felt it just added unnecessary complexity. So we eventually ended up limiting the # surges recovered per day as a simulation of long-term wounds. Also, there is no automatic recovery of hit points at the end of an extended rest; the...
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    Hybridization confusion!

    It should be 3, not 5. The CB is counting both your hybrid ardent at-will and the ardent at-will you chose for the human racial feature for the "hybrid power point option" in PHB3 p137, hence giving you the erroneous total of 5. What the CB is not taking into account is this: "When a racial...
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    D&D 4E Viability of a flatter math 4e campaign?

    You could do that, and generally it'll work out fine, although then you'll have some levels where PCS increase hit by +2 at once, due to ability score increases. I've moved the numbers around a bit so this doesn't happen, and also included a progression for heavy armor that obviates the need for...
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    D&D 4E Viability of a flatter math 4e campaign?

    This is one of the reasons why for our group we use inherent bonuses instead of +X items. It just "feels" better having that attack/damage coming from a PC's skill, rather than an item, especially in light of removing the +1/2. There are still plenty of ways to make +X magic items useful though...
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    Does a Con warlock's Painful Transference need fixing? How?

    This one is different because we're guessing that the design intent of the power, based on the flavor text, wasn't to be a build specific thing, whereas the other examples you posted are. Of course, we don't really know for sure. If indeed it was originally designed that Con warlocks would take...
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    Does a Con warlock's Painful Transference need fixing? How?

    It's probably meant to be Cha or Con mod, whichever is higher. However at 16th level ending a single save-ends effect as an encounter is good, but not overpowering. I wouldn't take it at all as a Cha lock.
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    No Profile Picture

    I see your profile picture in both of your posts, it's a horned demon of some sort angled 45 degrees counter clockwise, is that right?
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    D&D 4E Viability of a flatter math 4e campaign?

    Yes, it is as simple as you think. We've done this, and it works. Basically we removed all the mentions of "+1/2 level" from d20 rolls and defenses, for PCs. For monsters, we subtracted -1/2*level from their attacks and defenses. We also use inherent bonuses, that range from +1 to +9, according...
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    Elven childhood

    It depends on the edition/source. 3rd edition and before, elves reached physical maturity around 100 years. There's no definitive source on how quickly their minds matured. In 4th edition, elves reached physical/mental maturity at about the same age as humans. In Tolkien material, elves...
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    Kickstarter Too many Kickstarter projects? Is Kickstarter the new d20 glut?

    I think a lot of people are blurring the line between investment and donation. Sure, if I put money into something with some expectation of return and it's all gone, I'd be upset. But with kickstarter you're funding someone's effort, not his product.
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    Please step away from the 4th edition "effect everything" abilities.

    I completely disagree with the premise and conclusion, so... no thanks.
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    Racial abilities & stereotypes.

    I don't agree. At least in 4e, where a point buy is assumed, you make a pretty heavy sacrifice to start with a 20 post-racial, and is only recommended for only a few character types. And anyway it's completely irrelevant what the actual number is, as long as the system math balance assumptions...
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    Racial abilities & stereotypes.

    I wasn't calling you out as anything. :) Just the statement.
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    Racial abilities & stereotypes.

    This is a bit of a straw man, isn't it? There are a lot of ways to make races matter, other than racial mods.
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    Racial abilities & stereotypes.

    Hmm. Races should have tangible game effects due to biological/sociological tendencies. But I think you're right - reflecting them via mechanics other than a simple plus or minus ability score would be pretty creative, and solve some class balance issues. I like it.
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    Monte has left the building:How do you feel about the direction of the game?

    I didn't particularly enjoy his work or writing, so... better I suppose? Although things are so nebulous at the moment that to assign any strong feelings to this would be folly.
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    Public D&D Playtests To Begin On May 24th

    Blah. Public playtests are good for finding game-breaking flaws in an already existing rule-set, not by any specific creativity or intellect of the community, but by virtue of volume. Public playtests are not good for coming up with an entirely new ruleset that will please the majority of the...