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  1. Liquidsabre

    The Great Breach Has Been Repelled!

    Woot! Welcome back ENWorld. The absence was surely felt! On another note: ENWorld front page is hastily thrown up = likes front page layout better...
  2. Liquidsabre

    Star Wars RPG Beta: Are they serious?

    One gamer out of our group forked out the dough for this, so our group gets to try it out. For 6 guys, not a bad deal. Plus I'm hoping FFG may have special offers or the like for those that purchased the beta. At least we *may* have some influence on how the system is tweaked. Most of us are old...
  3. Liquidsabre

    Pathfinder 1E The dex-based fighter, how does he fare?

    Honestly, given the nature of the campaign (airships) I would definitely go with a Dex fighter build but I would get both archery and TWF feats. You'll have plenty of feats for it.
  4. Liquidsabre

    Pathfinder Review: Pathfinder Battles - Rise of the Runelords Miniatures

    Nice review Steel, well covered. The brilliance is that Paizo has their market covered across all price points and preferences for miniatures: Reaper minis for painting, Wizkids for qality pre-paints at cost, and their line of affordable pawns (card stock stand ups) for very low cost. So...
  5. Liquidsabre

    Open Call Revisited

    Link works now!
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    I go away, and I miss a whole edition - Help?!

    If you enjoyed what 3.5e offers to your game play and only the power creep bothered you I'd recommend going with the three Pathfinder books: Core Book, Bestiary, and Advanced Player's Guide. These will have everything you'll need to play plus a handful of new base classes and character options...
  7. Liquidsabre

    I go away, and I miss a whole edition - Help?!

    Honestly, I wouldn't pick up any 4e books other than the PHB/DMG. I'm playing in a D&D 4e game right now and I never bothered getting any books at all, just the D&D Insider sub. The character builder has far more options than any number of 4e books you'd be willing to buy even at half price...
  8. Liquidsabre

    Cover Art for D&D v3.5 Reprint

    Is there actually a market for these? You can still pick up used ones for half price on ebay or at a used bookstore.
  9. Liquidsabre

    Need help with a House Rule feat

    If you're looking for a homebrew feat I think Ramaster has the right idea.
  10. Liquidsabre

    Pathfinder 1E Escalation die for Pathfinder

    Aye this is how I made sense of it when I first read the mechanic. It would certainly balance the encounter to prevent PCs from taking advantage by turtling the first few rounds. Seems like the solution to using this in D&D or PF. Not sure how monster abilities being unlocked by the progression...
  11. Liquidsabre

    Pathfinder 1E Escalation die for Pathfinder

    My apologies, but it does sound like you are simply making distinctions where none exist. I'm sure others would agree. Edit - Btw I read up on this mechanic and the escalation bonus seems to only apply to PCs and that certain monsters (I'm guessing the more powerful ones?) have abilities that...
  12. Liquidsabre

    Pathfinder 1E Escalation die for Pathfinder

    I suggest you reference this material as well since the Fatigue Condition also covers fatigue in D&D/PF. So it appears fatigue can certainly have more than one rule to simulate the effects on a character.
  13. Liquidsabre

    Pathfinder 1E Escalation die for Pathfinder

    The escalation die bonus (0-6) should apply to NPCs/Monsters as well, not just the PCs iirc. This mechanic simulates battle fatigue making it easier to be hit, learning your foes moves, getting in the "zone", and adrenaline pumping. I rather like this addition. It also has the handy ability of...
  14. Liquidsabre

    RECRUITING: OpenRPG, Monday Nights Pacific, High-Level D&D 3.5

    I'm interested in joining if you guys still have a spot open! The time is perfect for me (I'm central time-based) and I have experience with high level play. I haven't played with OpenRPG yet but I'll install and take a look.
  15. Liquidsabre

    "Je veux mon livre...I WANT my book..."

    Yes, yes, and more yes! I hope someone at WotC happens across this thread about wizards and their books!
  16. Liquidsabre

    "Je veux mon livre...I WANT my book..."

    I think we can still have the excitement with new scrolls and books without being a literal treasure trove of spells hoarded all in one place. I'd like to see a means for gaining *knowledge* that benefits the wizard in some way. An arcane treatise that opens a horizon of new spell mastery, like...
  17. Liquidsabre

    D&D 5E Monte Cook Leaves WotC - No Longer working on D&D Next [updated]

    Yea, losing your lead designer in the middle of development? WotC dropped the ball on that one, as they did with the unexpected backlash to 4e (I play 4e and PF btw). I think I just lost interest in following DDN. I'll take a glance at the finished product, but I'm tired of wasting my time.
  18. Liquidsabre

    A mad experiment - wizard -> scientist conversion for sci-fi

    How familiar are folk with the Words of Power variant for Pathfinder that was introduced in Ultimate Magic? It seemed to fall upon a collective gamer *shrug* of indifference but I think its absolutely brilliant if you apply the concept to technological and scientific themes. Can you imagine...
  19. Liquidsabre

    LCD Gamign Tables?

    We use a 46" Samsung LCD screen at native res. Been using it for the past 6+ months now 1/week. No problems here at all! I started with maptools which worked great and right now I'm playing around with d20Pro. I generally only use these for the maps though (we still use minis with plexiglass...
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