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    Like the Elantrians, thread necromancy - raise the dead from the fire. Sorry for the resurrection of the thread, but I just finished reading it. I'll toss in my 2 cents and say it was good. I, too, thought of making an rpg out of the book. The ending is what made me consider a rpg. The...
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    How do you feel about the future of D&D after the official announcements?

    I'm neutral. I would have gone with negative, but mentioning 5e has me coming back to enworld after 9 month absence. That's a positive since I love this site, but I really really hate 4e. I don't think WotC can pull 5e off and get it right. You can't please everyone from all editions. I...
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    Who's that demon?

    I'm not seeing it listed in either Demon lord (Dungeons & Dragons) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia or D&D Named Demon Project - d20 NPC Wiki: GM's source of stat blocks for several d20 systems
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    scoop: 4e gamma world

    Dang...they finally found a setting I think might work for 4e. GW and Darksun would probably get me to play 4e.
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    Who enjoys playing evil characters?

    I like playing gray characters. I don't want to play someone that is holier than me, but likewise I don't want to play someone that breaks my moral codes for fictional situations. Since it is a game my moral code has lower standards. Most of the stories in GTA do not bother me at all. I...
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    Looking for Aberrant/Far Realm/Lovecraftian theme resources/material/recommendations.

    Here are some Enworld threads I've subscribed to over the years D&D and the Cthulhu mythos: Adventure ideas? The Mythos Creepy The far realm, need a bit of info Let the thread necromancy begin.....
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    True Blood #2:Keep This Party Going/S2/2009

    I recommend the books too. The show is definitely going its own way, so it doesn't spoil too much. Such as Maryann is much more interesting in the show than she was in the books. She had a very marginal role in the books and her big scene was mostly at the end. As for Jason, well I've read...
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    Starcraft II - NO LAN FOR YOU!

    Insane. I played starcraft I on a LAN for months before I ever played on I attended LAN parties just to play Starcraft. I was already figuring out VPN solutions to my starcraft friends of old just so I play with them again after all these years. (side note: we decided on...
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    Do monsters/NPCs really need to roll any dice?

    It sounds like from the description that a fight would be an on going saving throw until either the effects are shaken off or the character succumbs. In the case of one hit = dead fights, they might as well be traps, making or not making the roll determines the outcome. Admittedly...
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    Two-Volume Settings and the Legacy of Editions Past

    Agreed. Even though Unther is gone, I still view 2nd ed FR Old Empires to be important for running campaigns in that region. I remember running players through adventures dealing with Mulhorand and they had no clue where I was getting my information from because they started playing in 3rd...
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    Oots 660

    Just hope Rich never watched this episode of Doctor Who as a kid. Basically artifact like item enhances ordinary squid into giant squid that awakens ever century or so to devour the countryside.
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    Pathfinder 1E Pathfinder Adventure Path: How Successful?

    My subscription rolled over as you describe and then I thought I would get some notice that my subscription was expiring. I didn't and it lapsed for about a month. As soon as I noticed, I resubscribed. I suspect the lack of a notice was because of something WotC did in the termination...
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    Pathfinder 1E Pathfinder Sneak Peeks (Old thread)

    I am so glad I preorder. Annoying that I still have to wait months to get it. I want it!
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    WotC president Greg Leeds and I!!!

    Dear Mr Leeds, Since WotC has been involved with selling PDFs of older product since the late 90s and file sharing has been around longer, what market forces prompted this abrupt shift in direction? It has been said that file sharing helps the small or indie companies and hurts the big...
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    PDFS--Of the WotC Court Case

    Scanners today can do very good scans and the OCRed text is good enough for searching. I do it with my books and magazines. I even talked to my IP lawyers before doing it. They basically said as long as I have a receipt, I'm good for scanning my own books. I started doing it during my...
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    PCGen v5.15.12 (Beta) Released!

    Yippee! My wife will love it!
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    True Blood #10:I Don't Wanna Know/Nov2008

    offtopic: You know...the next time I play a quasi-evil character, I think I'll donate to the local orphanage or something similar. Then every time I do something really naughty....I'll say 'and this is for little Timmy!'
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    True Blood #10:I Don't Wanna Know/Nov2008

    I like the Vampire Court. It was harsh, but seemed just...basically Lawful Evil. I'm wondering what role the new childe of Bill is going to play and that punishment was a most excellent way to torture him.
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    What is too silly for D&D?

    My first instinct is to saying nothing....especially with monsters because you can have them be one time monsters; however, I would have to say anything that breaks the atmosphere of the game. For me, I never got into Ebberon because of warforged. Some people can't handle psionics because...
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    Dragon 368 - First Subscription Issue

    I can't vote because I am not paying for it; however unless it has improved since it was free, I would not be impressed.