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  1. Mouseferatu

    Shadowcaster for D&D, by the original author!

    I'm considering it. Obviously, unlike the Shadowcster, I won't be able to make the "by the original author" claim. But I liked the Binder, and I have some thoughts as to how to make it work in 5E. That said... The decision of whether to do so or not is going to be based entirely on how well...
  2. Mouseferatu

    Dragon Talk: Margaret Weis

    Or let me put it another way. The Courtney Solomon-directed D&D movie with Justin Whalin, Marlon Wayans, and Jeremy Irons is an order of magnitude better than the animated Dragonlance movie was.
  3. Mouseferatu

    Dragon Talk: Margaret Weis

    That was, by far, the least of its sins. It was awful. I mean screamingly, egregiously bad. If the world's biggest Dragonlance fan told me they could see it for free, and just wanted to do so for the sake of curiosity, I would still recommend avoiding it.
  4. Mouseferatu

    Writing an "Ultimate Underdark" Campaign

    Okay. I'll try to keep it brief. Ish. ;) The derro are the creation of something far from the Far Realm. They were meant to be scouts and infiltrators, something this entity could use to try to study and understand humanoid societies before doing whatever horrible thing this particular Far...
  5. Mouseferatu

    Writing an "Ultimate Underdark" Campaign

    (I'm also happy to share my homebrew take on the derro and the mind flayers, but only if you found the duergar one helpful. Don't want to turn this thread into "Ari's Underdark." ;) )
  6. Mouseferatu

    Writing an "Ultimate Underdark" Campaign

    I really like the concept of the duergar, but I've never been fond of how their society's been portrayed officially. What I did in my homebrew was make them "the evil dwarves" by pushing dwarven militancy, but also their dour nature, up to eleven. My duergar society is "gray" in every sense of...
  7. Mouseferatu

    D&D 5E Polymorph is a bad de-buff spell

    Others have answered as well as I could. If a brand new player in my game took knowing and deliberate steps to get their character killed off, I would stop the game, take them aside, and find out what the problem was. Yes, it is possible for a player to decide to have their frog character...
  8. Mouseferatu

    D&D 5E Polymorph is a bad de-buff spell

    Elfcrusher, I didn't say stories can't have blind luck. I said I dislike when blind luck saves the heroes. Happening to put his hand on the ring was setting up future plotlines. As for happening to coincidentally take his hand out of his pocket at just the right time, I actually did roll my...
  9. Mouseferatu

    Artificer UA to be released in February

    Integrate crossbows and wands were a thing. Cannons weren't, at least not in, uh, canon. (Can't speak to what people did in their home games, of course.)
  10. Mouseferatu

    D&D 5E Polymorph is a bad de-buff spell

    While there are exceptions to everything, and it's ultimately based on the skill of the author... No. No, I probably wouldn't. I despise stories where a single stroke of absolute blind luck wins the day. The hero happens to draw the straight flush in the last round of poker, the villain's gun...
  11. Mouseferatu

    D&D 5E Polymorph is a bad de-buff spell

    And this is where it breaks down. I mean, not for your table. It clearly works for you, and that's good. But in more general terms. The whole idea of the the fighter-frog happening to leap onto his friends' blades because the player knows that suicide ends polymorph? That's the sort of...
  12. Mouseferatu

    Pages From The Upcoming Nautical D&D Book!

    So, just to add an element to the discussion that appears to be missing... DM's Guild guidelines do not allow anyone to post an "updated" version of a classic (or any existing) adventure. You can create a new adventure based off the old, or the same basic concept, and you can publish a...
  13. Mouseferatu

    D&D 5E Polymorph is a bad de-buff spell

    5E polymorph is a sore spot. I understand 100% why the "revert to normal form at 0 hp" clause is in there. As a balance, for game mechanics, it's just fine, arguably necessary. As an element of the fiction, it's nonsense. Utterly and absolutely goofiness incarnate. There's no perfect way to...
  14. Mouseferatu

    Does A Monk Actually Benefit From Taking Mobile?

    I almost never even consider playing a monk (or, often, barbarian) without taking Mobile. I don't really care if it's optimal or not, having a ridiculously high speed is just fun, especially on those rounds where you also spend ki to dash as a bonus action. As for the ruling that you can't move...
  15. Mouseferatu

    Ranged Options for All Classes

    I have to admit, I'm surprised by how many people enforce the limits on thrown weapons. It's never made any sense to me that I can draw as many arrows as I need to, but I can only ever draw one javelin or dagger. I've never run or played in a game that didn't treat thrown weapons as ammunition...
  16. Mouseferatu

    D&D 5E D&D Beyond: Updated Character Popularity

    I wouldn't go so far as to say it's too complex for "the casual/standard gamer." I know lots of casual gamers who enjoy the more complex classes, too. And others who are perfectly capable of the greater complexity, it just doesn't appeal. I'm just saying there's a portion of the casual gamer...
  17. Mouseferatu

    D&D 5E D&D Beyond: Updated Character Popularity

    This is one of those places where we need to remember that we, as forum participants, do not necessarily represent the norm. We're much more devoted gamers. We're far more likely to branch out, or to optimize. I know several people who vastly prefer the champion fighter over the...
  18. Mouseferatu

    What is a druid?

    Coming up next, on BBC One. Then, tune in at 9:53 for Escape to the Country.
  19. Mouseferatu

    How to Make the Fey Less Twee

    Eh. Of all the faiwies, only dwyads have much to do with twees to begin with.
  20. Mouseferatu

    Age of Worms 5e difficulty

    I've never played any version of AoW, and I've never read the 5E conversion. But I did read the original 3.5E version, way back when, and I remember thinking that the last few adventures seemed damn near impossible. Even allowing for the massive power of characters at that level--especially in...