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    D&D 5E Is Grapple forced movement supposed to care about carrying capacity?

    I always look at CC and weight of grappled creature - if monk can't drag this creature then he can't move when grapple this creature. It's simple
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    D&D (2024) Limiting Short Rests to 2x/day

    Basic duration of SR - 1 hour. Once per LR you can make SR with duration of 10 min.
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    D&D General DMs Guild and DriveThruRPG ban AI written works, requires labels for AI generated art

    Currently existing ai-tools are not AI. Just complex algorithms. I not understand difference between photoshop tools / midjourney / Grammarly / word grammar checker / chatgpt - it is all tools.
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    D&D (2024) What type of ranger would your prefer for 2024?

    I prefer spell-less ranger as base variant because: i can have 1/3 spellcaster ranger i can have 1/2 spellcaster ranger i can have full martial ranger And i think that having different options will be good for ranger
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    D&D (2024) Unearthed Arcana Playtest Packet 6 Video

    My impressions: pls, return Mearls and hire again Monte Cook.
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    D&D (2024) New One D&D Playtest Document: 77 Pages, 7 Classes, & More!

    My impressions: pls, return Mearls and hire again Monte Cook.
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    D&D 5E Project Monsters by Level (not CR)

    Also - I know that WoTC creates average stats hoping that pcs will hit in 65%, but i not understand what hit probability for monsters was in their design documents. i think - ~40% (I hope to rebalance system to make monsters more similar to pc in sense of number of hit-points and average dmg/to...
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    D&D 5E Project Monsters by Level (not CR)

    for similar reasons i began with most simple decision - deadly encounter for me is probability of losing equal 50% But it is not very helpful in describing other levels of challenges .... Also, i think about using encounter building system. I create encounters usually by world requirements. If...
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    D&D 5E Project Monsters by Level (not CR)

    I make mant npc as pc and then convert them to creature statblock, so i calculate cr anyway. i get fighter battlemaster for example at level 20 equal cr13 so if began to finde cr equal to level i would began with simple warrior - fighter champion and use him as baseline
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    D&D 5E Project Monsters by Level (not CR)

    I still trying to made something similar (and delete dependancy of challenge rating and proficiency bonus). My starting point was to calculate CR of standard human fighter champion from 1st to 20 lvl. Second, I set different challenge difficulty framework - hard is fight vs equal enemies (when...
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    Kickstarter The Fury of the Northmen, a 5e-compatible historical fantasy Viking rpg

    I think - it will be useful for backers to have ToC of both books.
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    DDAL Things I learn from being a DM for 400 Adventure League sessions.

    I have similar thoughts. (~ 400 modules and campaign sessions, also all epics from 2nd to 10th season)
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    Release [Chaosium] Announcing Call of Cthulhu in Ukrainian

    It's good news. Слава Україні!
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    D&D 1E "The Savage Frontier (DR 1358)" - Exploring and expanding the origins of The North

    Considering ecology of orc, age of being adult - I think that population of orcs must be in general larger the population of humans. Also in 1350-1360 (not remember date) there was battle between 50000 army of Obould and 100000 army of another orc warlord at Citadel Felbarr. p.s. thank you for maps
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    Ukraine invasion

    not fear)
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    Ukraine invasion

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    Ukraine invasion

    Ukraine has Yellow waters (Жовті води). I not know what is now. but 30 years ago there are lot miners
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    Ukraine invasion

    It is very simple. if Russia will left alive. Then she again will attack Ukraine. And this time - not making mistake.
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    D&D 5E Goblinoids in D&D 5e: Their Origin, Story, and Tragedy (+)

    The interesting fact about goblinoids in Faerun - they are matriarchal
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    D&D 5E D&D Races: Evolution, Fantasy Stereotypes & Escapism

    I remember short novel in Forgotten Realms about half-human half-goblin - son of goblin female after sexual attack of human mercenary. And I not remember any example of opposite. Also i remember racism of Waterdavian nobles - who hire assassins to kill half-elven members of Noble houses...