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  1. grimslade

    D&D General And the Druid Explodes: Understanding the AD&D Design Space's Legacy

    I think the tension between the codified Gygaxian game and the permissible Arnesonian style is what led to the endurance of D&D. House rules and rule ignoring pushed and pulled the game to taste for each table. Even the rules had different ways to skin a cat, Dual Classing vs. Multiclassing is a...
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    D&D 5E D&D Beyond Shares Free 'Phandalin Post' Player Handout

    Summoned Scribes from Mechanus. Plus the population is so small you only need to run under 20 copies. How many miners can read anyways? I believe this is an artists recreation of the scene. Starving artists need work too. Jimmy Olsen the court sketch artist maybe?
  3. grimslade

    Sneak Peak of Phandelver and Below: The Shattered Obelisk

    Very stoked for this. I am curious to see the adjustable 'rating' slider for the adventure. LMoP was a near perfect introduction to D&D and it worked for all ages. Dear lord, I have so much terrain to make in less than a month...
  4. grimslade

    WotC Hasbro CEO Chris Cox, "I would say that the underlying thesis of our D&D business is all about digital,”

    Oofta provided a really good summary above and Micah Sweet makes a great point as well. I am not worried about D&D. The TTRPG is going to continue with the 4 adventure and splat releases a year, but no real significant changes. There will be many more CRPGs, Digital tabletops, and weird phone...
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    D&D 5E Phandalin and Below: The Shattered Obelisk Alt Cover!!

    Finally a dissenting opinion! I agree that the Eberron alt cover is the best, but most of the alt covers have been good. This cover takes a product I already like, Lost Mines, and gives it a nostalgia twist with good Old Ones imagery. I want to see the back too.
  6. grimslade

    D&D 5E Phandalin and Below: The Shattered Obelisk Alt Cover!!

    I likes it. It makes me feel all Errol Otus-y
  7. grimslade

    D&D 5E Phandelver & Below's Full Description

    I am excited for this release. I have already started converting LMoP to be run in Greyhawk, Sterich post-war of the giants 595CY. I hope they don't go too heavy on the factions for FR, but it will just be another thing to convert. I also don't mind being in a backwater location for 12 levels...
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    Pathfinder 2E Take A Look At Pathfinder Remaster's Edicts & Anathema

    Really this is Paladin Oaths writ small. Every society has mores and taboos. For most sentient creatures cannibalism is taboo, but lizardfolk and kreen might see not eating the dead as wasteful. Does that make a lizardfolk paladin slightly evil? Edicts and anathemas just fine tune the alignment...
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    D&D 5E Warlock Mechanics - The best representation of modern fantasy archetypes in Dnd

    The appeal in the design of the warlock is it's simplicity. You are limited compared to a wizard who has a spell book of choices to indulge multiple times a day. The most powerful warlock has a handful of spells of level 5 and lower plus a few invocations and mystic arcanum. Eldritch blast spam...
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    WotC D&D Direct—Video Event From WotC Coming Next Week

    I imagine we learn about Giants, the Phandelver campaign and Planescape. There will be some teasers about the VTT and new digital features coming. I imagine they will also release the next playtest packet and pimp that a bit. Finally they will have a tease of a surprise being unveiled at Gen-Con...
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    D&D General New AD&D and Basic set D&D action figures.

    Not painted but can be printed to a size you like. Dungeon Demon Idol
  12. resize-idol.jpg


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    D&D (2024) What would you put in 1D&D from 4E?

    Bloodied. Minions. Are easy amendments to 5E. Nothing better than slashing through mooks on the way to the BBEG. Bloodied with a list of actions/reactions for players and monsters triggered by the condition could be a page if done as a chart with a paragraph or two description on the mechanic...
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    Kyle Brink Interviewed by Teos Abadia (Alphastream) on OGL, WotC, & D&D

    I am surprised at the quick turn around by WotC over the OGL debacle. Corps aren't generally nimble. They also aren't always good to reaching out to mend fences. Look at the first letter responding to the OGL 1.1, 'we both won' indeed. Having Kyle Brinks come out and talk to 'creators' is...
  15. grimslade

    D&D 5E Revel's End... magi-tech that jumps the shark!

    I was weaned on pulp fantasy and Thundarr the Barbarian so magi-tech is not a deal breaker to me. Lazy writing is lazy writing. There are ways that magic would approach keeping people imprisoned that would not correlate to modern tech. Bring that to the mix and I am a happy DM. I don't want a...
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    D&D General WizKids 7” WarDuke action figure!

    Elkhorn and Zarak next please. And a new Fortress of Fangs too!
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    D&D Movie/TV Just saw Simon the Sorcerer's Action Figure (HUGE SPOILER WARNING)

    I apologize for thinking Brian Blessed had passed. I must have hallucinated the news and subsequent threads I talked about him in. I, too, am very glad the world still has Mr. Blessed in it.
  18. grimslade

    D&D Movie/TV Just saw Simon the Sorcerer's Action Figure (HUGE SPOILER WARNING)

    Ian McKellan obviously. I always imagined Elminster being a bit like Brian Blessed, RIP.