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    Wordclouds from the 4e and 3e PH's

    Because 4e adventures include treasure the designer / author feels is important to the module, leaving the placement of the rest of the parcel content to the DM, who knows what his players / PCs want and/or need.
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    Wordclouds from the 4e and 3e PH's

    Combined DMG and PHB? Because 4e and 3e placed various game elements differently to these books (3e magic items in DMG, 4e magic items in PHB as a prominent example), I would be interested in seeing these two combined into a single Wordcloud for each edition.
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    Sooo how is everyone liking the new ENWorld?

    Front Page News My only complaint regarding the new ENW is with the front page news. Specifically, 1. Dating. I wish the news was arranged by date. I can understand "sticky-ing" a specific story to the top left, but after that, I feel stories should be listed in a left-to-right, top-to-bottom...
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    ENWorld problems

    Firefox? Have you upgraded to the newest Firefox browser? (Are you using Firefox?) If so, this might be related to what I experience at work. When I open multiple windows to the same URL environment, and then close one of them, it clears the cookies for both -- including the one I still have...
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    D&D 3E/3.5 3.5 buying with 4E on the horizon

    Ditto. The announcement of 4e does not change my purchase plans.
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    *POLL* Do You Feel That Greyhawk is a Dead Campaign Officially?

    I voted Barely Supported, but regret that the choice implies this is a bad thing. The Realms, in my opinion, are too bloated. Greyhawk is perfect. The designers have kept their over-detailing, timeline-convoluting hands off my beloved setting. And I am grateful.
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    What 3E Core Races have you used and LIKED?

    Anything but the half-elf. Half-orcs are good because there is no "orc-PC" race. Yes, you can play an orc, but it is not the same. There is no need for a half-elf. You can play an elf. You can play a human. A half-elf is neither, with a minimum of the advantages, none of the oomph, and all...
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    Who Keeps the SRD Open in Another Window?

    Voted No I voted no. I don't need to keep it open because it is only a single click on the Firefox Bookmarks Toolbar away.
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    What size groups are you most comfortable DMing for?

    I've had groups as large as 8, and it dragged too much. Six is my max. That's how I voted. (The problem with polls on the News page is they do not include the post that explains how the poll isn't really asking what the poll-maker is asking.) I prefer 4. Minimum 2.
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    How Detailed Would Your Ideal Published Campaign Setting Be?

    Wanted "Other" My campaign setting needs are the world, not the populace. Maps and History. No NPC stats please. Names will suffice.
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    Poll/petition Sign the "KEEP DRAGON MAGAZINE' poll/petition

    I suspect the opposite. I'll bet the number of subscribers after one year of DI will be many times higher than the number of Dragon subscribers. The overseas subscriptions alone will more than make up for the print-Dragon revenue no longer being earned. If only 30,000 people outside the US...
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    Poll/petition Sign the "KEEP DRAGON MAGAZINE' poll/petition

    More does not mean better. A lot of the monsters online at ENWorld are as crappy as the monsters online at WotC. The best of the monsters online at ENWorld are those they updated directly from the hardcovers of previous editions.
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    Poll/petition Sign the "KEEP DRAGON MAGAZINE' poll/petition

    The best features at ENWorld cost money (a Community Supporter Account). As for actual content, there isn't all that much.
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    Poll/petition Sign the "KEEP DRAGON MAGAZINE' poll/petition

    Then again, the WotC site content was free. You get what you pay for.
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    Poll/petition Sign the "KEEP DRAGON MAGAZINE' poll/petition

    Will do. Although I must laugh at your choice of labels for me. I've been a subscriber to Dragon since 1985 (all but five years) and have played D&D since 1978. Now a whole lot of "Mr. Now generation" in me.
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    Poll/petition Sign the "KEEP DRAGON MAGAZINE' poll/petition

    Rewritten for accuracy: Well, WotC is not doing what I want. Just look at the poll of ENWorld poll responders. Granted, it is a skewed, opt-in, ask-in-passion, niche sampling, but even out of this very small, relatively homogenous sampling, there are still differences of opinion. It suggests...
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    Poll/petition Sign the "KEEP DRAGON MAGAZINE' poll/petition

    I voted for the digital format. I am interested in seeing what they do with it.
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    What mini-bosses do you love sending at the players?

    I chose sorcerer. It would be an elf sorcerer. He would carry a longsword and a shortbow. He would dress in the colors of the forest. He would carry an instrument. He would even wear light armor. That he is a sorcerer would not be readily apparent.
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    Gamer Fashion

    Whatever I was wearing that day before the gaming sessions. Work clothes if I was at work that day. Regular everyday weekend clothes if it was a weekend. Etc.
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    DIY GMs?

    I voted No. I beg borrow and steal just about every idea that finds its way into my game. The only thing I create on my own is the link between the adventures I take from other sources. No need to reinvent the wheel. That said, I have tremendous respect for folks that can do it themselves.