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  1. ChungaChris

    D&D 5E First Time Homebrewer. Could use a little Help!

    Good Afternoon(ish)! So, I've been playing Dungeons and Dragons 5e for about two and a half years now, and the DM who brought me into the game is starting his sequel to my first campaign soon. I really wanted to go all out on the character I am making for his campaign, so I thought it'd be fun...
  2. ChungaChris

    D&D 5E Monster Manual Expanded II Second Edition News and Updates

    In this version, will you be adopting Wizards method of Spellcasting? Basically having a few utility spells and one attack? Or will you be keeping the traditional spellcasting?
  3. ChungaChris

    D&D 5E Monster Stat block Templates?

    This whole thread is extremely useful, I will be bookmarking this for sure
  4. ChungaChris

    D&D 5E Thus Begins the Strixhaven First Looks!

    Hello everyone! I'm new around here and looking forward to having some good people to talk about Dungeons and Dragons with! Not so much for the Adventure, but I have been insanely excited for the upcoming Strixhaven Book to use some of its goodies on a new character I am making. Plus, I've been...