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    What's Good in Books?

    I've read Vance..and while he has his moments...they're far to far apart. I get the impression that a lot of his fame comes from him being something a pioneer in his field.A lot of D&D spells are based on his stuff. Maybe I'll check out the Earthsea series. I'll let you know what I think of the...
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    Burned Man?

    Hey guys. Does Burned Man still post his amazing Art finds on this board? A quick scan uncovered nothing. Thanks.
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    What's Good in Books?

    I've been away from Enworld for a long time and I'm kind of out of touch with what new fantasy/Sci-Fi books are popular. Some of the ones that I have liked over the past few years have been: A Song of Ice And Fire series Only Forward The Straw Men Spares One Of Us The Videssos Cycle. The...
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    Geek Dating site.

    A year or two ago I saw a link to a Geek dating service. They gave the persons IQ and interests. After listening to my depressed friend who is always saying how there are no interesting girls around, I thought I'd give him the site if it was still around. Anyone know it? Thanks.
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    The Lost Legion!

    Yes but then they were enslaved so they didn't really have much choice in the matter.
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    The Lost Legion!

    Idea. There was a historical fiction series by Harry Turtledove some time ago. The first in the series was called "Misplaced Legion" I believe. Anyway, Turtledove is a Byzantine historian who firmly believes that the Roman legions were not replaced by their Calvary heavy counterparts because...
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    (monday) history in your game 05-26-2003

    Thanks for the links.
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    [OT, Humor] The world should be made aware of this conversation.

    This was no D&D game. This was just a normal conversation!:eek:
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    [OT, Humor] The world should be made aware of this conversation.

    My friend posed a question to me out of nowhere and this was the ensuing conversation. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Start of Anime Jinsureiku buffer: Mon May 05 12:23:23 2003 Anime Jinsureiku: If, sometime in your life, the currency of...
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    (monday) history in your game 05-05-2003 This one especially is interesting. I never liked the whole stirrup idea.
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    Greece! Tell me about Greece!

    I set last years summer campaign in Greece. I have a bunch of files on my computer but about half of my notes are hand written ...much of it was player aids...some of it was from someone else that I modified...I'll post what I can find. This is for the classical age BTW but some of it works for...
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    [OT PDF] Descent Laser Printer..Cheap

    How much do toner cartridges cost compared to ink cartridge? Is it significantly more?
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    HELP! Japanese Setting - I need pictures!

    Re: HELP! Japanese Setting - customs and traditions Oh have I ever got the link for you! This is a website by a English teacher who went to Japan to teach for a few years. It's really informative from a shocked westerner perspective and actually pretty funny...
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    Song of Ice and Fire (GRR Martin) -- how many books? -- SPOILERS!

    This i This is probably the only series where I wouldn't mind if he went on for years to come if he kept it at his current quality. I can't say I've ever been bored while reading it.
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    New respect for crossbows

    In terms of weapons other than guns, what can you carry? What is the max length for a knife? Are blunt objects ever illegal? Canes, clubs, sticks etc. Anyone know?
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    [OT] Anything to do in Newburgh NY?

    Re: Game in New Paltz I just might be. I'll talk to you again once I'm settled in next year and I see how things are going. Thanks for the offer.
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    [OT] Anything to do in Newburgh NY?

    Re: Good times... Yep...girl to guy ratio is ha ha ha! And they have have one of the few good IT programs in the area as well.
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    [OT] Anything to do in Newburgh NY?

    Mt St Mary College.
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    [OT] Anything to do in Newburgh NY?

    Well after teetering back and fourth for some time now, it looks like I'll be moving to Newburgh NY for college. I'm wondering if anyone lives there/has visited there. Anything to do? Any game stores? Any gaming groups? Thanks.