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    Kill the gods, your experience

    I once killed a god in game. Garl Glittergold. My character hated gnomes. A lot. So he decided to kill their patron god. Not directly, mind you. My character killed every last gnome in the setting, thus killing Garl. :]
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    Oots #398

    Heh, knowing Roy, he probably made use of the "booty talisman." That's why he isn't around. And who could blame him?
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    What settings do you love?

    The Forgotten Realms are my favorite.
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    What's the spell you've always wanted to cast?

    Old age isn't so bad. Once I know everything, I'll figure out how to get my youth back, lol!
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    What's the spell you've always wanted to cast?

    I would like to cast a Persistant Time Stop. I would cast it every two days, so that I would have an entire 24 hours to study. I would focus on learning every language in the world!
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    Oots 397

    I don't blame Thog... I'd be scared too.
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    Welcome to the Halmae (updated 2/27/07)

    Ah, I stand corrected. I guess I'm more used to campaigns where the gods do wacky things like talk to PC's. My bad, my bad. :)
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    Welcome to the Halmae (updated 2/27/07)

    Well, Ekht wasn't too impressed with her mage tactics (stand in back and blast) so now I think she is in trouble. If she wants a happier afterlife, she's gonna have to risk herself on the front lines, and that is suicide for a mage. Let's hope those cleric levels have made her tougher.
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    Welcome to the Halmae (updated 2/27/07)

    Yikes... it doesn't seem like Lira's god is found of mages. That's got to sting.
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    Welcome to the Halmae (updated 2/27/07)

    So, any chance of an update? I neeeeeeed an update, or I'll explode. That happens to me sometimes!! :)
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    Welcome to the Halmae (updated 2/27/07)

    Hooray!!! Lira lives!!!
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    JollyDoc's Age of Worms (Updated 11/30, Epilogue!)

    Sigh... well, I guess my group has no hope. We are also doing the Age of Worms path, and if Gfunk and company lost, then my group is screwed...
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    Elves and fluff, which elf do you prefer?

    I picked other. The only elves I like are Keebler Elves and Christmas elves. The Keeblers make me yummy cookies, and the Christmas Elves slave away making presents.
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    OoTS #373!

    Sigh... I hate Miko so much it hurts... I was really, really, really eager for Xykon to undeadify her...
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    OotS #372 is up

    I've always considered paladins truly fearless; it makes sense to me that a god will make a weapon who has no fear of death. Because that's what paladins are: weapons crafted to destroy evil. A weapon shouldn't fear death.
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    Why aren't potions labeled?

    As a PC, I almost never lable my potions. If I do, they are coded so that only I know what they are. Why, you might ask? Because, I know that as soon as I die, the other PC's will swarm over my still warm body and loot me like the vultures they are... if they want my stuff, they will have to...
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    What is your fave alien race?

    I emjoy the Ferengi from the Star Trek universe the most; they be my favorite aliens. I mean, come on! A race of profit hungry merchants are too good to pass up.
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    EN World New GMs, players, read the first post in this thread! (updated 5/21)

    I'm looking to get into a Pbp game. I haven't actually played in one, and am interested.
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    Welcome to the Halmae (updated 2/27/07)

    I love this story hour. I love it so much that I have stolen certain elements (mainly the religion system) and applied them to my new Castles & Crusades game. Hope no one minds. :)
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    A Bloody Little Tale

    I'm in the same boat, vacation wise. I'm gonna be out of town for the next two weeks, and I'm not sure how often I'll be able to find a computer.