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  1. Miyagiyoda

    D&D 5E Cloner's Corner: I'm thinking of going two attacks per action at level 1.

    I'd flip it. Give everyone 12 Action Points. An Attack costs 5 pts at Lvl-1. Every Extra Attack feat reduces the cost by one action point. Thus for a Fighter, at Lvl-5 an attack costs 4AP, at Lvl-11 3AP, and Lvl-20 2 AP. Similarly, a Cantrip costs 6AP to cast and a Spell 12AP at Lvl-1. If they...
  2. Miyagiyoda

    Dice pool game design woes

    This calculates 6s adding an additional die.
  3. Miyagiyoda

    Keith Baker asks about walking away from Eberron.

    Fly and remember that you can now use "Compatible with Dungeons & Dragons" if you need a perch.