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  1. awayfarer

    "It's a joke name, sir."

    Someone mentioned earlier that they knew a Vietnames guy named Phuc. I went to high school with a kid by that name. His last name? Dinh. At our 10th anniversary (this year) I was told that he's since changed his first name. A friend in the insurance racket told me about a claim that nearly got...
  2. awayfarer

    Santa's List

    Well, it's more the domain of my sister and I. She has a tendency to give weird stuff as gifts. A couple of years ago she gave me all the beer left over from her halloween party. Two years prior I got a framed picture of fish sticks. I don't think that qualifies as not wanting too much. :p
  3. awayfarer

    [Races] Homebrewing: Please critique

    I'd agree that the Luminous looks a bit weak for LA +2, but the sneak attack (and crit?) immunity puts them up there. If it were lowered to a fortification effect I could see LA +1. I'm thrilled to see someone using Asaathi. :) -4 strength is a pretty harsh penalty though, and it completely...
  4. awayfarer

    What's my (PC's) motivation?

    I voted for money although this isn't perfectly accurate. My current PC adventures for cash to support his booze habit, for hookers and to pay child support to the prostitute he knocked up.
  5. awayfarer

    Gaming and Your Significant Other

    My girlfriend actually introduced me to gaming when we met four years ago. I joined her group and we've been gaming together ever since. The two of us (Well, and the DM) are the only of the group members still around since then. I feel like I might have gotten into it earlier if it weren't for...
  6. awayfarer

    What is your favorite coffee?

    Ah, so you're that blur I saw the other morning. :)
  7. awayfarer

    What is your favorite coffee?

    At home I like Melitta as my day to day brand. I usually go for Dunkin Donuts when I go out. Peets is pretty good. It's gonna be a shame when the world's supply of it runs out in fifty years or so. I wonder what they'll do with all the old derricks and drills?
  8. awayfarer


    Forty seven... My large extended family had a non-traditional thanksgiving.
  9. awayfarer

    3.5 Fans - Wassup!?!?!

    My online group is playing through the Savage Tide AP right now. Not sure waht we'll be doing afterwards, but we still have a long ways to go before we decide that. My S/O has bought a few of the 4E books. I'm not against 4E, but I don't really feel any pressing need to move to a new system...
  10. awayfarer

    Favorite cigarette?

    I'm not a smoker but I do partake of the occasional cigar. I like Backwoods but their packed a bit loose and sometimes leave bits of tobacco in your mouth. A friend of mine swears by Macanudos, which are also pretty good. My sisters girlfriend occasionally smokes cloves. If we're in a party...
  11. awayfarer

    Court of the Stars!

    For a second I thought this might be a new reality TV judge show.
  12. awayfarer

    So what's your favourite beer? (Forked Thread)

    Sam Adams' Cherry Wheat is my favorite but I'll drink almost anything they put out. I'm fond of hefeweizen (no specific brand) and I'm starting to appreciate belgian ales. I have a soft spot in my heart for anything by Burnside Brewery (Note: Site has music. You may want to turn your speakers...
  13. awayfarer

    MERP Middle Earth Role Play Questions

    I really can't recommend MERP. Long tables, wonky skill lists (everyone make a hygiene roll!) unbalanced character creation, etc. Possibly I'm confusing some of this with Rolemaster, as the Middle Earth group I played with tended to pick and choose from either. They're pretty similar though...
  14. awayfarer

    I voted!

    As Merkuri mentioned, we got up early to vote because I was supposed to attend a reading of some play for my Theatre 251 (playwriting) class. Some genius realized at the last second that maybe staging the reading on election night was a badidea and it was rescheduled. :p We didn't actually have...
  15. awayfarer

    Stupidity or Genius?

    Alright, I'll ask since nobody else has: what is a party of 4th level PC's doing against a vrock (at cr 9) anyway?
  16. awayfarer

    Was Reading My Mentzer Expert Rules and What did I see?

    Feh, so tiefling's were always that horny eh? Am I the only one who thinks enormous goat horns make tieflings look more ridiculous than evil? How about we try other anatomical features common among barnyard animals? A big coat of sheepy wool? A chicken beak? Ooh! How about a curly piggy tail...
  17. awayfarer

    Monk without being Lawful

    Between the Book of 9 Swords and the PHB2 it is now possible (if a bit feat-intensive) to build a competent unarmed fighter. The Superior Unarmed Strike feat out of the Bo9S is really necessary for this. Basically it gives a damage progression similar to (but weaker than) the monk's unarmed...
  18. awayfarer

    What is Your Favorite Placebo?

    I didn't vote. I do have a little commentary for a few selections though. 1: Chicken soup. This is a terrible thing to do to a chicken and food in general. Soup is drowned food. I refuse to acknowledge it as anything other than a chunky bevereage for wierdos. 2: The flu shot. I haven't gotten...
  19. awayfarer

    Mixing Coffee Flavors

    I agree with you in theory. Think of it this way, chunky peanut butter defeats the purpose of peanut butter. Yet, I still prefer chunky to smooth. Actually that makes it sound like I prefer flavored coffee to regular, which is not the case. Unless it's amaretto flavored beans/grounds and...
  20. awayfarer

    Mixing Coffee Flavors

    I do this on occasion. I find that while I'm not a huge fan of either french vanilla or hazelnut, they can be pretty good mixed together.