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    A Kings Task

    Chapter 1 Invasion The pale yellow winter sun over Tyrus emitted no warmth whatsoever on the land under it as it made its way high up into the overhead sky. None of this seemed to bother the tall Terian Northman as he gazed...
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    How's this story?

    Prologue The Night of Sorrows An explosion tore through the still night air of the peaceful palace, shredding it with so much force and sound that it shook the entire building right down to its foundation stones. All heads jerked upright...
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    Explain Harry Potter to me

    Why Harry is a good read There is a reason why JK rowlings is a multi #1 best seller ist cause her books are good and that they are not just for children. She takes an orphan and makes him barely succed and surrounds him by a ton of characters who are all almost better than he is and still...
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    Small Press author in litte shamed letters apologizes

    New Corrections The webiste prologues were done up way before the book came out I am having them changed right now as we speak to the correct posts please bear with me I wasnt expecting so many repsonses Another part to remember about both prologues is that they are set twenty years before the...
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    Small Press author in litte shamed letters apologizes

    The website Prologues Obviously just a prologue on a website may not be indicative of the actual book, and it wasn't enough to get a good sense of your ideas, characters and overall story, but it was enough to make me wary of reading further. Sorry. The webiste prologues were done up way...
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    Small Press author in litte shamed letters apologizes

    About helm publishing Dianne Helm pays roaylties ,, a lot in royalties actually better than most, but it is a small press. "Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius -- and a lot of courage -- to move in...
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    Small Press author in litte shamed letters apologizes

    A Kings Quest Link Two things here is the link and how do i get a quote under my posts? or
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    Small Press author in litte shamed letters apologizes

    I am AV Wedhorn author of A Kings Quest, I didnt mean to cause such a big scene, I only have a small press publisher. So in order to get more exposure I hit the boards but I have kept it to a minimum. I hate spam and what i did was truly wrong. A Kings Quest has gotten some good and bad...
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    Baen Books New Sci-Fi Magazine

    Baen mag? Are they actually looking for submissions?
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    Short story forum question

    If you just want to post a little of your own work that is an ongoing story is this the place to do it?
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    Are Excerpts allowed?

    I was just wondering if excerpts are allowed here in order to make your own judgement call?
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    Robin Hobb: Recommendations

    Robin Hobb, I personally have only read the first three assassin series I loved the first two hated the last one, I couldnt tell you anymore than that but what i didnt like about the last one was that it ended almost without a conclusion sort of. She is an excellent writer though and a lot...
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    I just read "Tarzan of the Apes"

    Read all the others Rmember that there are like 23 in the series and all of them are good except i think the last one which comes out I think of Erb notes rather than his own imagination. After Tarzan be sure to read his pellucidar series as well, excellent books
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    I apologize for my book post

    I didnt know I was wrong for posting a recommendation about a good book, I only recently in the past couple of months just started these types of messages, Yes I have posted a few other posts about A Kings Quest, I loved the book. Since I don't read that much fantasy I thought it would be...
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    Fantastic New Fantasy Series

    A Kings Quest review If you are going to post a review Ulorian you should look at all of the reviews of this book and not just one that voices your own petty thoughts. I happened to like the book because of the excellent review written by the Senior Editor of the Midwest book review the...
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    Fantastic New Fantasy Series

    A KIngs Quest by AV Wedhorn is vol 1 of The Kingdom Chronicles. It starts out with a brutal murder of the Royal Family of Kallamar. Where it is thought that all of the family were murdered, Twenty years later a young Battlmage named Damien Daverge is told that "he" is supposed to be the heir to...