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    Sale SALE! Palladium T-Shirts Sale at Big Savings!

    Spring has sprung and we’ve seen T-shirt sales on the rise because of it. We thought it would be nice to put most of the designs and sizes on sale to help you add to your spring and summer wardrobe.
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    Press Original D&D artwork by Kevin Siembieda at auction now

    Six Dungeons & Dragons original works of art by Kevin Siembieda are featured in the April 2nd Heritage Auction. D&D art of any kind is super-rare. Much of it lost over the decades or purchased by a small handful of savvy art collectors. Here is your chance to own a piece of Dungeons & Dragons®...
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    Sale [Palladium] G.M.s Day Sale on now

    Huge SALE! The GM’s Day Sale is largest sale of the year! Huge 30% discount on most Palladium PDF titles and thousands of downloadable titles from participating publishers. This is a great way to try new settings and build your PDF library. And it’s not just one day, you have...
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    Sale [Palladium] Sale! Robot Rampage on now

    SALE! Robot Rampage – 25% Discount on robot and bionic filled titles; mostly Rifts® World Books and sourcebooks! Physical product from Palladium Books. PDF titles from The Palladium store: ... Items.html DriveThruRPG...
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    Sale Sale! Apocalypse Wow! Palladium Books

    Palladium Books presents the Apocalypse Wow RPG Sale – 20+ apocalyptic titles that should get you heated up during these cold weeks of winter. Rifts®, Chaos Earth®, After the Bomb®, The Mechanoids®, Splicers® and more. Enjoy and be a survivor. After the Bomb® (AtB) RPG – Turn any animal into...
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    Press Palladium Books needs Game Masters and Game Events for Gen Con

    Gen Con Game Events Needed! There is a ton of advance planning that goes into Gen Con. Not just for those of us in attendance and exhibitors, but for the hardworking Gen Con organizers. As a result, they are already requesting Game Event commitments and game descriptions now, so they can begin...
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    Release Original Palladium Fantasy RPG® Commemorative Bonus Hardcover (first edition rules) is back in print.

    BACK in Print: The hugely popular Original Palladium Fantasy RPG® Commemorative Bonus Hardcover (first edition rules) is also back in print. A run on purchases around Thanksgiving by gamers and distributors caused it to temporarily sell out, but it’s back in print and available now.
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    Release [Palladium] 1st Edition Beyond the Supernatural™ RPG Foil Hardcover on sale now

    Due to popular demand, the Original Beyond the Supernatural RPG Commemorative “Bonus” Hardcover (first edition rules) is now ready to ship, and it looks beautiful.
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    Sale The Rifts Land and Sea Bundle of Holding is available now

    The Rifts® Land and Sea Bundle of Holding launched yesterday! It offers all the Atlantis books, Lemuria, Japan, England, Australia and other Rifts® World Books of nations where the oceans and seas have a profound impact. 14 Rifts® sourcebooks in all in the bundle. Also see the Rifts® Core Rules...
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    Sale [Palladium] The Rifts Mega Bundle of Holding is available now

    For the first time ever, a Rifts® Mega Bundle of Holding launched a few days ago. It is the biggest, best offering of Rifts® PDF titles at HUGE savings offered as a Bundle of Holding! And a portion of all sales goes to a worthy gaming charity at the same time. I’m happy to report it’s off to a...
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    Release [Palladium] Creature Feature for Beyond the Supernatural is shipping now

    That's right. Pre-orders have been sent out, order now: ... tural.html You can add it to your Wish List for the X-Mas Surprise Package: ... ckage.html And don't forget to check out the Titan Robotics...
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    Press [Palladium] Creature Feature, a sourcebook for BTS, has gone to press

    Creature Feature, a Beyond the Supernatural™ sourcebook is done and off to the printer! I think it’s pretty awesome. Filled with new insight about the BTS world and psychic abilities, 15 creatures in horrifying detail plus how to build and play monsters with personality, background options for...
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    Kickstarter The Rifts Titan Robotics Kickstarter has launched

    Rifts® Titan Robotics™ Kickstarter. We think this Kickstarter is going to be a crowd pleaser. Here’s some of what you can expect: Titan Robotics™ as a softcover book, a Kickstarter exclusive hardcover (color cover), a Kickstarter exclusive signed, Gold Edition hardcover, PDF version of the book...
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    Sale [Palladium] DriveThruRPG Halloween Sale is on now ! Halloween SALE – now thru Halloween ... _id=246835 All of Palladium’s horror titles: Beyond the Supernatural RPGs, 1st and 2nd Edition. Nightbane® RPG and sourcebooks. Dead Reign® RPG (Zombies) and sourcebooks. Splicers®...
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    Sale Palladium Horror Sale on now!

    Start out the Halloween season right with the Palladium Horror Sale. Hardcover and softcover RPGs for Dead Reign® RPG (zombies) and all DR sourcebooks, Beyond the Supernatural RPG, Boxed Nightmares, Splicers® RPG, I Am Legion, and Wormwood are all on sale for one week only. See details below...
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    Sale Palladium Books Fantasy Sale on now !

    These are the final hours for our epic Palladium Fantasy RPG SALE on for physical books and for PDFs. Both END tonight after midnight - actually, first thing tomorrow morning, so get ‘em while you can. A lot of good stuff in these sales at nice discounts.
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    Sale [Palladium} Heroes Unlimited Bundle of Holding on now!

    The Heroes Unlimited™ Bundle of Holding launched this afternoon, Monday, September 5, 2022, so get it while you can on the cheap, because it is already flying out like crazy. HU2 enables you to create ANY type of super-hero (or villain) you can imagine. Superhumans, mutants, aliens, robots...
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    Release New! The Palladium Book of European Castles

    The Palladium Book of European Castles – now shipping. It is the last book in the weapon series to be brought back to print due to fan requests. This mighty, little, 48 page resource presents 40+ real world castles from across Europe and includes their floor plans. Each castle and floor plan can...
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    Sale Palladium Books Fantasy Sale on now !

    Check out the Palladium Books Fantasy Sale with significant discounts on ALL Palladium Fantasy RPG titles, including the hardcovers and the Lopan and South Winds Raw Preview Editions. All guaranteed to spawn countless adventure ideas. Isn’t it time for you to live the fantasy? Yes! Yes, it is...
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    Sale [Palladium] Back to School Sale - on now

    Sale ends Wednesday, the 24th, after Midnight. Don't miss out! Same date and time for DriveThru.