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    Explore The Unknown With Operation Unfathomable

    And Labyrinth Lord is better than Swords & Wizardry, anyway.
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    OSR Who Seeks The Black Blade Of The Demon King?

    It's not really a problem, it's a feature but one not everyone likes, and hat's understandable. When I run non-LotFP adventures in my LotFP game, I don't change many things, only, sometimes, AC. When I do that, I assign a value that make sense to me, not following any conversion rules or making...
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    New Hobby Releases In Stores & PDF Spotlight: 26th March 2018

    The Gardens of Ynn sounds interesting and I might get it (also it's cheap). I've been wanting to run Legacy for some years now, though I never read the entire book, or any other Powered by the Apocalypse game, but I'm on the last chapters of Dungeon World and now that I got the hang of the...
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    Just How Immersive Can You Get?

    But I hope not! I would prefer movies to be their own thing, not merely adaptations from other media, specially if it becomes a trend.
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    Goodman Games Latest News on Into The Borderlands

    The standard objective of a roleplaying game book is to play with it. It's only when it is something else, that it should clearly indicated, although this thing (this several versions of the same work in one tome) is new to the industry and I don't know of anithing similar. But you might be...
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    Goodman Games Latest News on Into The Borderlands

    That's preposterous! The truth is, it's a product for fanatics, those "shut up and take my money" guys who never stops to think what the hell they are paying for. I'm not saying this is just for the money, it's not, but it's not for history's sake, either. If it was for archival purposes, they...