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    D&D 5E Death in the Abyss

    So... let's say that the players do not realize that they have stumbled into the Abyss. What they think of the wastelands of their world is actually a Dark Sun-like level of the Abyss that is slowly growing into/over/consuming the world they know and love. I'm starting to drop hints about this...
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    We have 99 Heroes of Neverwinter beta keys to give away

    Haiku 'snot my thing I've no talent for rhythm. But I'll try for you.
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    D&D 4E A 4e player starts learning Pathfinder

    That's always been an odd part of the game, from at least 3.0, and I agree that it's annoying. Relevant: Giant In the Playground Games
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    Bestiary 2 Preview

    OK, that poster is brilliant marketing. Well done, Paizo.
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    New name for warforged

    Looking at the society you envision made me think of Brave New World. So the Automatons I could see being also called either Zeds or Omegas. The "warforged" maybe are Alphas or Betas. Other thoughts (mainly working from the idea that these are ultimate workers, better than humans) Menschs -...
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    Mapping - how do you do it? (fixed version)

    What is the map for? Is it a handout for the players? The battlemap? For my reference only? A handout to the players will likely have some level of GIMP used on it. Battlemaps and reference maps are going to be hand drawn.
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    Running my first Paranoia

    On VERY short notice I'm running Paranoia from an old, unused copy of ParanoiaXP I have. I'm running on Friday, so I'm scrambling to get the rules down and get people ready. I'm just going to run the pregen characters and the adventure in the book, so that's covered. Any tips, aside from...
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    Gabe from PA creates something awesome...again

    Yep, I sent this to the guys I play with attached to an apology. I'll never have the time or creativity to match what he does.
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    Just for fun, what monsters would make the best bards?

    I've used an Ogre bard leading a troop of ogres with his giant wardrum. A goblin bard playing a maraca made with teeth inside a dried head.
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    Making the Universalist Wizard more appealing

    I think you want to do something that feeds into the concept of the Universalist a bit more. What do they do better than anyone? Flexibility. Maybe give them a free feat, like Spell Mastery or Skill Focus (Spellcraft) or even Eschew Materials. Or maybe they get a bonus to their bonded item?
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    Big Bang Theory and the Dungeon Master's Guide

    FYI - BBT doesn't actually use a laugh track, they have a live studio audience. From what I heard, they actually have to edit the laughs down so you can hear the lines. But I do agree that the laughs are too loud. Frankly I've been spoiled by shows like Malcom in the Middle, Better off Ted...
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    I stink at winging it- HELP!

    Pre-set up a few quick encounters. The "kick in the door" type, so that when your guys go off on a tangent, you have something you can throw in. Four goons bust down the door and come in swinging at the party. Then let them wonder why. Were they assassins hired by <insert vexed villain>? Was...
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    Help me make WotC adventures better.

    Agreed. I've learned more about managing encounters, maps and adventures in my own campaign in this thread than just about any other. Of course it has eaten up most of my day getting through it all, so don't tell my boss.
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    Stuff That is Other Stuff...

    Here is a very cool take on Snakes as Books: Playing D&D With Porn Stars: Snakes Are Books
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    Wands of healing: individual purchase or party purchase (please read before voting)

    Party resource 90% of the time. However in one campaign I was the only warforged in the party. I spend my money to get a wand of repair and then asked the artificer to carry it for me. Since it was unusual healing, it came out of my own pocket.
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    A Lot Or A Little Equipment?

    It depends. If it is an urban campaign, I'll go light. More books, ID papers, that sort of thing. If I'm going in the wildeness or a dungeon delve, then I bring the whole darn equipment list. I had a rogue with a bag of holding filled with shovels, block and tackle, picks, pickaxes...
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    Brainstorming ideas for modern Eberron + Eberron Real City Analogs?

    Breland - The Parlimentarians won the push and the monarchy has been dissolved (maybe a figurehead?). This had further led to an explosion of wealth and productivity putting the already wealthy nation far ahead of the others. It's long unguarded boarder with Zilargo is a near free-trade zone...
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    Adapting Carnival of Tears

    Just based on reviews I think I'd like to look at putting Carnival of Tears into my ongoing campaign, but I was wondering how easy it would be to adapt. I haven't bought it yet, so I don't know the details of it. My campaign is based in Sharn in Eberron and I'd like to keep it there if...
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    What materials must a Player have/bring with them at a game session?

    A good mood is the most important thing to bring along. If someone walks in the door with a cruddy mood, it can quickly infect everyone. I'd rather you stay home than show up pissed at the world. But, dice, pen/paper, character sheet, and anything you want to eat/drink are also important! ;)
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    Death Frost Doom - too lethal?

    It's part of the ongoing campaign. Things are going to be a bit different with 4 new PCs and the...ramifications of the adventure, but it should be fun.