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    I'm going to NYC!

    Hanley's and Forbidden Planet are both great shops to browse and find harder to find comics and cool collectibles. Hanley's has *some* gaming stuff, too - and does artist signings frequently. Midtown's Times Square Store (40th and 7th) is huge and a blast to browse. Staff are really friendly...
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    If Hasbro Pulls the Plug....

    Seconded. It's a valuable intellectual property - not happening.
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    Looking for a great sci-fi RPG

    Traveler, GURPS Space, D20 Future
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    new CoC player/DM here

    Yeah, there are such a wide variety of authors of the mythos - even Stephen King, if you find some of his early stuff in his collections of short stories - that there's something for everyone. Chaosium has released tons of collections over the years that are worth browsing through in their...
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    Warhammer Monster book for d20

    The Ptolus stuff from Monte Cook had rat people, aberrations and more - very Warhammer feel for d20/3.5.
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    TSR Example from the worst TSR adventure module(s) ever published

    Well, that was the genius of OAD&D - many classes had their own secret handshakes, so to speak, like everyone was a lodge member. I seem to recall that in the DMG there was something the Great Gygax said to the effect of, "But, really, folks, it's not like just because you happen to both be...
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    Games of my youth... and Rolemaster Express

    There were so many games that were advertised in the back pages of Dragon back in the day that I wanted to acquire and play, based solely on the cool ads! :) Fast forward to adulthood. HARP and Rolemaster were both games that I got the free PDF intros for off of drivethrurpg when they became...
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    Games that are more fun to play than to read

    Funny, I actually just started an identical thread without realizing that this one existed. Shutting down that thread. Here is what I posted there: For me, I'm a HUGE fan of the Runequest rules, but the campaign setting of Glorantha is so dense that I've had trouble getting players...
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    Games that are more fun than their books or core setting would suggest?

    Never mind - there's already a thread Looks like I'm late to the dance. Please view and use this thread instead:
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    Games that are more fun than their books or core setting would suggest?

    There's a great thread going right now about "Games that are more fun to read than play," but a tangential thread idea came to mind. Anybody buy any gaming materials that resulted in a great game, but the core materials (perhaps the campaign setting, rules presentation etc.) were not as...
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    Games that are more fun to read than to play

    I overheard a guy who runs a FLGS tell this story once. He participated in a retail program for one of the publishers at one point a while ago, where he had to complete phone surveys with the publisher for hours on end (about volume of sales, demographics, etc.). After one particularly tedious...
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    The Dungeon Master: A short story in the New Yorker

    Happy Reinforcin' O' the Stereotypes!
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    Gliese 581g - A Tidally Locked DnD World

    There was a kind of fun mini-series on Fox (in the states) years ago about a tidally locked planet with a ('good') Victorian style society on the light side, and a ('nefarious') Medieval society on the dark side. A few noteworthy actors were even in it, but I guess since it bombed it never...
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    How do i keep NPC's around?

    Not all NPCs need to be adversaries.
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    Do You Blog?

    It's great to see all these blogs - I see a busy day ahead of me adding stuff to Google Reader. My blog is up at Tyler is Gaming..., where I post about the intersection of pen and paper gaming and technology.
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    John Eric Holmes - RIP

    The aforementioned article on Lovecraft was a real door opener for much of the fantasy gaming community, and his other contributions were monumental, as well... Truly sad.
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    What are the worst classic D&D adventure modules?

    IMO, Undermountain - excluding many of the follow up one-off modules - had some merits as a classic dungeon crawl. There could have been more set up as to why your party was there, but taking it on the surface that Undermountain was just so danged famous a dungeon, there didn't need to be too...
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    D&D 3E/3.5 Recommend an online 3.5 character sheet?

    Hey, perfect - thanks! The site I'd used years ago wasn't up anymore. Appreciate the help.
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    D&D 3E/3.5 Recommend an online 3.5 character sheet?

    I posted this in the D&D utilities forum, but no one replied, so I figured I'd try here: Recommend an online 3.5 character sheet? I'm starting a new 3.5e game, and my players and I are using Obsidian Portal to track the campaign. I'm looking at some ways to put character sheets online...