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  1. Mark Morrison

    Epic Sized CAMPAIGN COINS Coming To Your Treasure Hoard

    Thanks Morrus, and hello everyone! I've been using coins for my D&D game since 2011, and liked them so much I started helping Andre run the company, and now I'm a full partner. I love the cha-ching. We recently put together a PDF with suggestions on how to use coins in RPGs, it's a free...
  2. Mark Morrison

    D&D 5E What I want: 17 books or book series (and two boxes) for a Third Golden Age

    That's awesome!!! You've made my day. Cheers, M.
  3. Mark Morrison

    D&D 5E What I want: 17 books or book series (and two boxes) for a Third Golden Age

    Cheers Jester, I knew I'd seen that avatar before! Duh. Thanks so much for picking up the Sihedron, will go nicely with your Rise of the Runelords set. And I am madly jealous of your Geekchic table. Those things would strain our luggage allowance flying back to Australia, but want want want...
  4. Mark Morrison

    D&D 5E What I want: 17 books or book series (and two boxes) for a Third Golden Age

    Thanks for the shout out Jester - and it's true, our coins are a major investment. But, they are real metal, edition proof, prop quality, and will last longer than I will. They are not necessary for play, but they add a really pleasing tactile feel, and reinforce the cycle of...
  5. Mark Morrison

    D&D 5E Money System in D&DN?

    Given that we make coins for RPGs, this is a super interesting subject! Long use has made me instinctively think of copper as beer money, silver as food money, gold as item money, and platinum as serious loot. The gold standard works for me, but it is fine that it varies from campaign to...
  6. Mark Morrison

    If there was a fire at your house and could only save one set of your games what would it be?

    I would stand there unable to choose between the 1980s Call of Cthulhu books and RuneQuest 2 until I died of smoke inhalation. M.
  7. Mark Morrison

    Ten Ways to Make Treasure Cool

    That's a great breakdown, Karinsdad. Ten years! You are the pioneer! M.
  8. Mark Morrison

    Where are you? The hotbeds of tabletop gaming! [Top 500 cities in post #32]

    Nice stats, Morrus! Go Melbourne, #6 in the EnWorld stakes! We're getting fired up for PAX Australia down here next July, the first time the event has been held outside of the US, so it's good to see we might have earned it. M.
  9. Mark Morrison

    Ten Ways to Make Treasure Cool

    Great article! I would add physical representation too, with the obvious loud and shiny disclaimer that that is what Campaign Coins does; but Andre started the business entirely because he wanted to add real currency to his campaign. Using any physical coin system (our coins, other...
  10. Mark Morrison

    My game is 31 years old about now!

    That's amazing, Aramax! What an epic story! Our high school AD&D campaign was set in a homebrew world, but I found I was enjoying RuneQuest far more than AD&D, and so plotted to finish it once and for all. It took about two years; first they were propelled into Lovecraft's Dreamlands and went...
  11. Mark Morrison

    What's The Best Monster Book?

    I definitely agree that the 4e stat blocks are marvelous. Monsters are so easy to run now; not having to look up another rule has been a great boon at the table. I forgot to mention another complete favourite: The Book of Fiends by Chris Pramas (Green Ronin). That book was great fuel for my...
  12. Mark Morrison

    So that's it for 4th edition I guess?

    This week my 4e party hadn't quite finished the minotaurs from the previous session, so I thought, why not fight Baphomet as a last ditch summon? I jumped onto the WotC builder, found an Aspect of Baphomet, hit the slider to knock it down to Level 8, hit print, and that was my prep. We had a...
  13. Mark Morrison

    What's The Best Monster Book?

    At the risk of playing the grognard card, I'd have to say that original Fiend Folio is the book which most fired up my imagination; all of that wonderfully dark art by Russ Nicholson, and the whole enterprise bursting with the creativity of every writer in the UK ready to make their mark...
  14. Mark Morrison

    My game is 31 years old about now!

    Great result, Aramax! Same campaign or rules? Or game group? I'm still roleplaying with guys I started playing 1/72nd WW2 wargames with back in 1979, but many systems have gone under the bridge in those years... and then some of them have floated right back up. Cheers, Mark
  15. Mark Morrison

    A cheap alternative to Campaign Coins

    Hi everyone! My name is Mark, and I'm now helping Andre with Campaign Coins. We're over here in Australia. We've been playing D&D since 1980 or so, and right now I'm running two 4E campaigns (one Eberron, one Gardmore Abbey) and playing Pathfinder (Eberron). Morrus has posted so many great...
  16. Mark Morrison

    Which game you played last?

    Call of Cthulhu (Christmas game spooktacular). Been solid boardgames with the family since then (good times!), but the RPG group reconvenes this Saturday for either 4e or Pathfinder, depending on the numbers. M.
  17. Mark Morrison

    D&D 4E Reply if you love 4e

    I love 4e. It's clear, tactical, turbo-boosted, and plain good fun. I have three groups on the go, and I'd say one of them is about the most dedicated group of players I've ever had at the table. They're largely new to gaming, and the system really works for them. I love many other things too...
  18. Mark Morrison

    Who's Actually Read the DM's Guides

    I confess that I'm another DM who uses the guides on a needs-to-know basis; so the Treasure Tables page gets the most workout. That may just be because I've been running games for 30 years; I do think the language and advice in the current DMGs is the best it has ever been. M.
  19. Mark Morrison

    4 Hours w/ RSD - Escapist Bonus Column

    Thanks for taking the time to assemble this, Ryan; it's a fascinating overview. It reminds me of my resolve that we are all the best people to introduce new folks to this fascinating hobby. I'm busy ushering in the next generation, one nephew at a time! Cheers, Mark