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    D&D General Industry Veteran Jennell Jaquays Passes

    Are the Ennies looking for a new name per chance?
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    Worlds of Design: Single RPG Conventions

    GameHoleCon looks like a good candidate.
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    Worlds of Design: Single RPG Conventions

    Thanks for the reply, but what I'm looking for is the size of the convention. CanGames, at least on their event list, is a small convention.
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    Worlds of Design: Single RPG Conventions

    I used to attend GenCon a lot in before covid, but the hotel cost really dampers my plans to go back. Origins and DragonCon are at the end of the school year, or the beginning, which is a no go for me. Besides those 3, what's the biggest rpg convention in the USA/Canada?
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    Not DnD: Rob Heinsoo Talks 13th Age 2nd Edition

    Any news about the kickstarter for the second edition?
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    Gloomhaven RPG Will Have More Than 600 Miniatures

    What's the world of Gloomhaven like?
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    News Digest for the Week of January 6

    I don't know about racist, but wouldn't "backward" be a good word to describe OSR? Or is there an american meaning or slur that I don't get?
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    Returning to Gen Con

    Thank you for your GenCon report. It made me realised that I really miss GenCon. I'm unsure if I'll ever be able to get back. The biggest hurdle is to get an affordable hotel room.
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    D&D 5E Monte Cook's Ptolus Kickstarter Has Launched

    My first impression of the pdf is that beside a very slight change to layout, it seems like the same book with the same text and same art. I wasn't expecting a complete rewrite of the setting, but not a complete reprint either. I'm sure there are differences, but they are hard to spot.
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    Savage Pathfinder Pathfinder for Savage Worlds Is Live!

    I'm pleasantly surprised by the level of interest! :)
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    Owen Stephens Continues 'Real Game Industry' Posts

    I think there's a reason why online forum became less and less popular over the years. It's because there's always at least 1 stubborn person with a baseless strong opinion, that gets 3 pages of counter-arguments, and the discussion is still going nowhere.
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    D&D and the rising pandemic

    My friends and I decided to cancel our road trip from Montreal to Gencon this year. We don't know what the situation will be in July, or if the border will be opened by then, but we won't take the chance. The virus will still be around, and the usual lack of hygiene doesn't bode well for...
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    Latest ICv2 Stats Sees Free League's 'Alien' RPG Sneak Into Top 5!

    I don't understand how Shadowrun succeeded in building such a following.
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    [Gamers Wanted] Offline - Montreal (Laval) : Numenera - Slaves of the Machine God

    We are a 3 players + DM group that will soon start the Numenera campaign of Slaves of the Machine God. We're looking for 1 or 2 players, free every other Saturday nights, to come to Laval (Metro Cartier) to play! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.
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    X & O For More Fun

    The x card wasn't meant for me. If I have an issue with a game, I'll raise the issue to the group. That being said, I can understand that it is necessary for some people. If it can make them feel more comfortable, I'm all for it. In 15+ games at convention using it, it wasn't used once.
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    How Long Before the Digital Dam Breaks?

    Woah, that was very interesting to read. Thanks!
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    How Long Before the Digital Dam Breaks?

    I'm a huge fan of comics, but none of the mainstream ones. I think spider-man was fun when I was 12. Now that I'm forty, I want something more mature to read, that won't continually reset every couple of years. For example, I'm a fan of Black Science and Saga. As for your second link, the video...
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    Take Me Down To Freedom City

    I played various short campaigns of M&M, but always used a homebrew settings. Your review piqued my interest in an official setting. :)