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  1. Yalius

    Why do we need Mechs?

    Maybe gladiatorial combatants? Way more visually interesting than tanks or puny squishies duking it out.
  2. Yalius

    What's the wildest D&D story you've ever heard?

    I don't know, that kind of makes sense if it's a skill roll, the player might have some Canada-related knowledge skill or a roll for NPC interaction. And if they're playing an espionage-based game, they might not know exactly where they are. I remember several games I played with an old group...
  3. Yalius

    Tarasque: Have you ever encoutered one?

    We never actually interacted with one, but I recall in a Spelljammer campaign we flew over a herd of them. It was pretty much just window dressing, though.
  4. Yalius

    Have you been published in Dragon?

    I had a letter in #136, and my stepbrother had about a half dozen cartoon published in Dragonmirth.
  5. Yalius

    Why D&D is like pron <joke thread>

    38. When you're in the swing of things, it's all good. When you watch the tape of the group later on, you want to die of embarrassment.
  6. Yalius

    Vampire Sunlight Protection

    Meh, just make 'em sparkle in the sunlight and call them MAGICAL vampires.
  7. Yalius

    OotS #658 is up!

    That's it, I'm saving every O-chul strip there is. If I ever have a player wondering how to play a paladin, there really isn't a better answer. If he dies, the gods themselves will escort him home.
  8. Yalius

    Can't find a used PHB v.3.5 for under $45 USD

    D'oh! My bad. :o
  9. Yalius

    Can't find a used PHB v.3.5 for under $45 USD

    Seriously, what? Used and New: Dungeon Master's Guide II (Dungeons & Dragons d20 3.5 Fantasy Roleplaying Supplement) There are a lot of them in "New" quantity selling in the 12-14 dollar range.
  10. Yalius

    MESSY KILL - Voting Here

    Ignore. Double post.
  11. Yalius

    MESSY KILL - Voting Here

    Just about missed it too! Thank you, I'll send an email soon. Thank you!
  12. Yalius

    The Messy Kill - A 4E Contest

    I seem to recall a fight many, may years ago that pitted a fairly low-powered party against a werewolf. Lacking the magic weapons needed to damage the werewolf, we had to resort to using ropes to entangle the werewolf, holding it down, and placing a silver piece on its forehead and beating the...
  13. Yalius

    Not an Enless Quest book, but something similar

    Oh reaaaaalllly... and if that were to occur, would you possibly throw an announcement up here?
  14. Yalius

    How is Palladium doing?

    Looks like $185/oz., up a dollar since yesterday and down from $375/oz. since January 2.
  15. Yalius

    Anyone Get Their Free Magic Decks?

    I got mine, and thank you for the reminder! I had totally forgotten about them, and thought it was just a Christmas gift that one of my relatives had forgotten to tell me about. Mine was black and red and my son got black and blue.
  16. Yalius

    Let's read the entire run

    Yay! My first ever issue! I've been waiting for this one to show. Thing I remember most clearly when I got this was wondering just what the story was behind the cover art. Just what did the jester use to get the victim to come along for the ride?
  17. Yalius

    Black or white?

    Black text on a white background-- please!! I'll even throw in a gratuitous reference-- A study backed by the University of Maryland that found that, even among those who expressed a preference for black backgrounds, a white background was...
  18. Yalius

    What to do in Seattle, WA

    Hmmmm... the Experience Music project and Science Fiction Hall of Fame?
  19. Yalius

    Maximum visibility in air

    The longest terrestrial line of sight is Mt. Sanford to Denali (Mt. Mckinley) at 270 miles, and cloud cover and haze make this one just baaaaarely visible. Pretty much anything beyond that wouldn't be visible in normal atmospheric conditions. Edit: Here's a panoramic photo from Sanford. It's...
  20. Yalius

    poster map printing/copying... suggestions?

    What I would do? Separate them into scannable 8x11 pages, join and create a .pdf, get it printed on one of the FedEx/Kinko's 48" wideformats. Then you still have the source in a format you can reference and print subsets from.