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    Lair Assault: Attack of the Tyrantclaw

    I've played this twice now. hen Hyacinth transformed, the DM had all other dinosaurs run away. Is that not how it's written? I've found that high defenses are pretty much mandatory for this LA. I ran a Warden|Cleric that topped out at 31 AC, and I only got hit on crits. The second time I went...
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    Seminar Transcript - Reimagining Skills and Ability Scores

    If ability scores are random AND determine combat efficiency, I'm not going to switch to 5e. It's not fun feeling completely ineffective in the team... I know, I've played a poison focused character in a mod full of undead.
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    D&D 5E I am perfectly fine with WoTC producing D&D 5th Edition

    I'd like to see it stay around for nostalgia... but have it apply only to skills. Combat could certainly use some standardization, and there is legacy support there too... IIRC in 1e/2e, you didn't get any bonus for stats less than 16. It wasn't a -10 then half thing. In this case, there also...
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    Never going to "Dieing" in combat?

    I like it. Being mortally wounded but fighting on is a staple of heroic fiction. Dying is still part of the tension, but instead of a let down, it's an opportunity to go out with a bang.
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    DM experience with dragons

    This sounds like a great setup for a dragonslayers campaign. Your PCs are basically poachers - bad guys. Maybe groups of hippie elves try to stop them? Maybe an ancient dragon takes exception to their activities?
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    September In the Works is up

    Have a dryad character bound to a wilden? They're trees, right?
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    Time for an all-pixie campaign

    You don't *really* need magic to explain altitude limits. Ground effect (aircraft) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Rule of Three 7/18/11

    Vampire answer is lame. They could have done a lot more with the powers by shamelessly stealing form White Wolf.
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    What is with these crappy Video Games?

    NWN1 was pretty bad. The storyline was just horrid. The expansions were good, and NWN2 was pretty good as well. The isometric D&D games were the best though - Baldur's Gate series, Icewind Dale series, and Planescape. ToEE was pretty good too after installing patches and fixes.
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    Attacking with torches

    It depends on if you plan on using rot grubs again in this campaign. Your player came up with a clever idea, reward him for it! Have it do full damage and daze the swarm for a round. After that, it just does full damage (as they adjust to the heat/light/whatever)
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    help finding a ghost/undead monster with grab-ish power??

    Cut the hp in half, add insubstantial. Should work fine.
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    Battle Cleric Options is up

    Yeah, charop is whinging about it. Maybe, just *maybe* simple weapons will get used once in a while now.
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    Update Madness!

    I play a mage in my home group, and not *once* have I used magic missile to kill a minion. A lone minion is pretty much ignorable, and minions within 2 squares of each other get bursted. If your DM is throwing level+4 minions at you, he's doin it wrong.
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    Surprisingly Effective Hybrids

    What? Melee rogue|ranger can get 3 minor action encounter attacks by 7th level. That means for 3 rounds straight, it can get both quarry and sneak attack in the same round. Offhand Strike, Ruffling Sting, Low Slash. ... I'm currently looking at Executioner|Rogue/Warlock for a few reasons...
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    6/21 DDI update is live

    TIL about the feedback button. Thanks for all your hard work Mudbunny.
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    6/21 DDI update is live

    There appear to be other bugs in the compendium. When I try to apply any level, enhancement, or other restrictions for an item search, nothing is returned, ever.
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    Do you want variety or bonuses in your feats?

    These discussions matter for the eventual 5e. We all know it will happen. The end is nigh.
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    Do you want variety or bonuses in your feats?

    Math feats add nothing to the game. One of the design goals was to be able to have characters be effective without optimization. Adding in the fiddly bits makes it so a character with flavor feats will contribute less in a combat encounter than an opped character. There is one caveat though -...
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    Your Ideal Edition of D&D

    I like 4e for the most part. Here's what I would change: Remove hit, damage or defense bonuses from feats Remove hit, damage or defense bonuses from magic item properties. (including no +x items). Some kind of rebalancing for multiattack powers. Attack powers should all have some interesting...
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    Essentials multiclassing playtest?

    Timid yay. It's got marginal utility since there is no punishment and it's not that hard to get out of it. I'd probably mostly use it on a permanently invisible wizard or the like.