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    [Help Plz] Do grapple checks include penalties/bonuses from defenseive fighting, etc?

    Since the damage applied in a grapple can be done from a weapon/natural weapon; and also the damage can be done with a Monk’s unarmed strike, ALL of which can be Enhanced. So, I am going to go out on a limb and say that since Enhancement modifiers can be used on natural weapons, the Enhancement...
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    Craven feat: overpowered?

    I house ruled Craven to allow +1 damage per Rogue Level, not Character Level. Any Feats or Class/Prestige class features that stack with Rogue will also stack with Craven.
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    Range for Inspire Courage?

    We did a real world test one time in an empty warehouse... we came up with 60 feet as the range where intelligible communication breaks down without amplification, so that was what we have always used for a practical limit to inspire courage.
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    [Spelljammer] Some more transparency images :)

    Damn, dead link... would love get a copy of that :)
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    WotC President Chris Cocks Talks Magic and D&D

    Could be worse He could have been named Harry.
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    WotC President: D&D Up 30% in 2018; More MtG Crossovers Coming

    Could be worse He could have been named Harry.
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    Burning Questions: How Do You Deal With Ludicrous Players?

    Luckily I've not had to deal with that problem... but Eject from Game would be my answer.
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    Undead familiars?

    Dragon 280 undead familar
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    Fantasy Grounds Ruleset Usage Q1 2018 -- All Holding Steady!

    3.5 til death do us part...
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    D&D 5th Edition Basic Rules

    1 out of 5 rating for D&D 5th Edition Basic Rules I really hate the advantage/disadvantage mechanic. D&D was always a games where you had to use your brain. Now it's not. I guess for the generation of "All Children Left Behind" maybe that is what's needed.
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    Coolest. Gaming Set-up. Evar.

    Dlp My projector is setup to reflect onto a mirror mounted on the ceiling and then back down onto a 4'x8' dry erase whiteboard. This allows me to project a footprint of 62"x46" Area. I also have an ATI dual head video card with the hydravision software that allows me to hotkey the image back to...