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  1. Thoth11

    Dragon Reflections #74

    Love this issue! I remember picking it up in our gaming store, second hand in 83.
  2. Thoth11

    RPG Crowdfunding News – Kor Hadar, Gary’s Appendix, Death Send, and more

    A lot of interesting KSers! Thanks!
  3. Thoth11

    Dragon Reflections #56

    I think this was the first issue of Dragon I ever bought. Ah the memories! Great article!
  4. Thoth11

    Dragon Reflections #69

    Love this cover! Another great article!
  5. Thoth11

    Dragon Reflections #73

    Man I miss these old Dragon Magazines. Grew up on these covers. Great article!
  6. Thoth11

    RPG Crowdfunding News – TMNT, Grimtooth, Eclipsed Phase, and more

    Hit this one out of the park! At least two KS that I am interested in!
  7. Thoth11

    The Highlander Cinematic Adventure Is A Kind Of Magic

    Been considering picking this up. Thanks for the review.
  8. Thoth11

    What’s Available On Free RPG Day 2023?

    Some great stuff! Excellent article! T
  9. Thoth11

    Dragon Reflections #65

    Love these articles on old Dragon Mags. I own most of them! Nostalgia!
  10. Thoth11

    RPG Evolution - True Tales from Stranger Things: My Hellfire Club

    I need to do this for my gaming group growing up. Loved this article!