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  1. Silent Cartographer

    OotS #619 up ...

    I actually laughed out loud; omg! :lol: The term MOB is an early MUD programming term for a Movable OBject; hence, a monster. Modern MMOs have anti-training algorithms in the MOB AI to prevent serious training. For true fear-of-god training, you have to set the wayback machine to Classic...
  2. Silent Cartographer

    Which CRPG has the best STORY? (Forked from: Do you not play WoW?)

    A few folks have mentioned examples of these, but I'll throw in a sub-genre of games that aren't CRPGS (at least not strictly), but still have some fun stories; story-driven FPSs. As mentioned, Deus Ex is the top of that heap in terms of story, is a full-on hybrid Action/RPG game, and has plenty...
  3. Silent Cartographer

    GSL Update 12/18/08

    On Topic: W00t GSL News! Off Topic (or not :p ): I know it must seem odd to northern/great plains folk when the rest of us shut down for what must seem like a light frost. Likewise, in the south, we'll shake our heads in wonder when we hear how nasty mere 90F temps are to you in the summer...
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    Order of the Stick 617 is up

    I need everyone else to get off the internet for a few so I can actually load this comic. Mkay? Thanks heaps! ;)
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    I hate mysteries

    Also, for fantasy action-investigation style D&D, I consider our own Pkitty a master of the form, so I always keep an eye on his storyhour/campaign commentaries threads! B-)
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    I hate mysteries

    My example isn't D&D, but fits the James Bond example to a "T". Shadowrun adventure scenarios almost universally follow this formula. I ran a very successful SR2-SR3 (with a SR4 epilog) over the course of several years, during which the players fine-tuned their characters to a well-oiled velvet...
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    I was in the same position a couple of years ago, so I whipped up a 5-level 'racial class' roughly based on Fiend Folio and Savage Species. It seemed to work well enough while that game lasted. It was certainly not perfectly balanced (wasn't totally outrageous, either), but this was one of my...
  8. Silent Cartographer

    D&D 4E How I Fixed 4e

    True enough. Everything has a cost. I think as long as resources are available to be expended removing the condition, I don't see it sticking around all that long in real play.
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    D&D 4E How I Fixed 4e

    Exactly. If you'll allow me to extrapolate a little further... Condition: Wounded. A Wounded character has suffered a lasting injury which impedes the character's ability to recover combat readiness. While suffering the Wounded condition, the character does not recover lost Hit Points normally...
  10. Silent Cartographer

    D&D 4E How I Fixed 4e

    How about Temporary Hitpoints, instead? You'll get the full effect of the healing surge, but it wears off just as soon as the fight is over, and it won't stack with other temp hp effects. :cool:
  11. Silent Cartographer

    Was there a real need for a fourth ed.? Or would tweaking 3.5 have done it for you?

    I'm a bit on the fence regarding whether a new edition was needed now or not. However, given that that there was going to be a new edition (now or in the future), that new edition needed to really offer major changes in order to be worthwhile. IMO. ;) Some of the issues surrounding the...
  12. Silent Cartographer

    What's up with OOTS?

    Y'all realize that Rich has (if I remember the details correctly) a chronic, incurable illness that occasionally renders him virtually bedridden? Thus, there are periods where his posting rate drops dramatically. He once took several months off from the comic to deal with it. :erm:
  13. Silent Cartographer

    What do you want? I'll tell you something -

    I would argue that it still is the best supported RPG on the planet, at least for the time being. That may fade over time (it will be a long time indeed for 4E to be better supported than 3.x), but continued OGL support slows that fading even further.
  14. Silent Cartographer

    What do you want? I'll tell you something -

    As a fan of all editions of D&D (including 4th, ROCK! :p ), I agree with the Original Post. I have far more 1E & 2E pdf books now than I ever owned in hardcopy back in the day.
  15. Silent Cartographer

    The Fall of Castle Zagyg?

    Cool! Amber Diceless, anyone? ;)
  16. Silent Cartographer

    I can't read 4e books like I could 3e books. You?

    I distinctly remember getting through the line for GenCon preregs to pick up my reserved copy of the brand new 3E PHB. I had left a two hour block in my con schedule open just to sit down and enjoy the book. I gave up trying to stave off sleep after valiantly struggling with the book for half an...
  17. Silent Cartographer

    Does Metaplot ever work? Forked Thread: Greyhawk 4e

    I agree that meta-plots are difficult to pull off. However, I ran a very successful Shadowrun 2/3 campaign that lasted over 4 years, based on heavily modified meta-plot adventures. It worked great, and as the PCs advanced over the years into really powerful characters, they felt like they were...
  18. Silent Cartographer

    Pathfinder 1E Lisa Stevens, CEO of Paizo, commenting about ENWorld

    I'm calling shenanigans! Let's see now.., which fansite's readers recently awarded Paizo's 3E product line more awards than any other publisher? Hmm... Regarding the personal tone of pro/con posts; it all nothing but noise. Whiny, self-martyring, Watch Me Let The Door Hit My Ass On The Way...
  19. Silent Cartographer

    The I'm not jealous of Gen Con attendees AT ALL thread

    Try doing it in auto-biographical order, and your ennui shall be complete! ;)
  20. Silent Cartographer

    Forked Thread: KotShadowfell wierdness/plotholes.

    I dig this topic. :cool: I've described (to my players) my take on the PoL Nentir Vale setting as Road Warrior meets Diablo. I like both the Lews Therin (redeemed, a bit crazed) and the King Leoric (corrupted, bat-guano insane) spins on our Sir Keegan. I also like to have my cake and eat it...