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  1. Gryph

    D&D 5E Should the next edition of D&D promote more equality?

    Do you really think that the very nature of what it is to love or desire or lust after someone is different because the gender of the person so loved or desired is male rather than female?
  2. Gryph

    First appearance of studded leather armor

    It is a ton of work to make welded mail in a good 6 on 1 pattern that the best mail used. Brigantine is much lighter than mail and over the course of a long battle that mattered a lot to me. I switched to plate for tournaments and used my brig for war events.
  3. Gryph

    OSR OSRIC Versions?

    I think part of his argument was that you can cap ascending AC at 30 and you get the same effect. In 1st ed. the -10 AC is the best AC by rule. It was possible (especially post UA) to stack enough magic and dex bonuses on Full Plate to reach -11 or -12. I think some tables even house-ruled that...
  4. Gryph

    D&D 5E How to handle attack bonuses in multiclassing

    How about if the martial or good combat classes just had a note (similar to prestige classes in 3e) that levels in this class are equivalent to fighter levels for purposes of attack and damage bonuses? So your 2/2 Fighter/Barb would be a level 4 fighter for weapon combat but the 2/2...
  5. Gryph

    D&D 5E Attack cantrips are a waste of the DM's time

    No veggies from me, I agree with you. Perception in particular is wonky when tied to an ability score. You will always end up with some set of classes that will have nonsensically good perception because of their class dependence of the relevant attribute; and other classes that will struggle to...
  6. Gryph

    Domains At War: Gunpowder (Hey, Steampunkers! Early Modernists!)

    Oh, go ahead and mention it.
  7. Gryph

    First appearance of studded leather armor

    From my extrapolated experience in SCA fighting where I have worn both. About the same as cheap butt welded mail, clearly inferior to welded mail.
  8. Gryph

    OSR "Rules & Regulations": An Essay on the OSR

    Excellent point about the "R". I might even say Grognard instead of OS :)
  9. Gryph

    OSR "Rules & Regulations": An Essay on the OSR

    @pemerton some of the following quote is maybe sorta true and some seems wildly off target to me. The follow on replies are anecdotal and only my experiences with the OSR and playing with a couple dozen OSR players. Small sample size, etc. I don't think this is primarily an OSR concern...
  10. Gryph

    OSR "Rules & Regulations": An Essay on the OSR

    Umbran, I thought my post was an answer, of sorts, to the this particular snippet that I quoted from your post [/I]In that the thread is full of speculation on what the old school wants rather than replies to people actually posting their experiences and desires from the OSR. So it may be a...
  11. Gryph

    OSR "Rules & Regulations": An Essay on the OSR

    I honestly believe that a lot of the rhetoric around hard coded rules systems versus free-form DM adjudicated systems is poor attempt to explain a reaction to certain aspects of WoTC D&D. Like a married couple fighting, the first complaints hurled are mostly masks for the deeper reasons. Combine...
  12. Gryph

    OSR "Rules & Regulations": An Essay on the OSR

    I mostly agree, but I think the blogger did have a point concerning some expressions of mechanics and copyright. Many of the OSR games, Swords and Wizardry for example, express mechanics that are based on OD&D rather than allowed IP copies of mechanics from the SRD. Just a small quibble because...
  13. Gryph

    Science Fiction Setting

    Put me down for the Firefly 'verse. For what its worth I agree with most of Umbran's reasoning about the difference between Science Fiction and Science Fantasy which is why I don't consider Star Wars or Shadowrun science fiction.
  14. Gryph

    Kickstarter Anyone supporting the Dwarven Forge Kickstarter

    I think with the changes in the dungeon dressing add-on to include a nice selection of stairs that two of that add-on set would not be wasted.
  15. Gryph

    Kickstarter Anyone supporting the Dwarven Forge Kickstarter

    4 days left on this and the amount of additions given per set has become simply astounding. At the two set pledge level you get an amazing number of pieces for money. If you've been on the fence about this one, take a quick look again. I'm pretty sure this will hit the last two added stretch...
  16. Gryph

    Kickstarter Anyone supporting the Dwarven Forge Kickstarter

    Since the excellent folks at Dwarven Forge are allowing us to mix and match the add-ons to get the 2 set price, I just increased my commit to grab one each of the diagonal walls and corner walls. I'm going to need something bigger than the tote bag reward to hold all the pieces I'm getting with...
  17. Gryph

    What is a "Basic Attack" (Melee Basic Attack)?

    Basic Attacks are always against enemy AC.
  18. Gryph

    D&D 5E NPCs With Class Levels?

    I voted 1 before I read the OP, but I mostly don't want 3.x type multi-classing. So I guess my real answer should have been Lemon Githzerai. I want most npcs to effectively be a racial class. So an Ogre is an Ogre with say 4HD and the Ogre Chief is an 8HD Ogre. The exception to this would be...
  19. Gryph

    Operation: Power Level Gary

    Re-Quoting the thread lists to make it easier to Gary Up
  20. Gryph

    Military Ranks

    True for modern, US forces. The British services in the imperial era had Ensigns in the Army as the lowest ranking officer and the Navy had Lieutenants. In the Navy, both ours and the British, Captain is both a rank and a duty post. The commander, regardless of rank, of a ship is always a...