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  1. painandgreed

    Sources of Gaming material in Vancouver / Seattle

    I Seattle you want the various Half Priced Books stores and Gary's games. HPB is a used/overstocked book store chain that has several stores around Seattle, at least one in the U District and one on Capitol Hill have lots of games. Gary's Games is a game store with a decent amount of used games.
  2. painandgreed

    Now that 4e is out, are you into it or sticking with a prior edition?

    I'm thinking that I don't have to buy any books to play 3.5 or AD&D as I have the ones I want already (and everybody already knows how to play). Anyway, i figure I can probably get more players in on an 1E AD&D game through nostalgia than anything else among my friends and once they agree to a...
  3. painandgreed

    Now that 4e is upon us, what will you do?

    Where's the choice for going back to 1st Ed Ad&D?
  4. painandgreed

    Houston, Seattle, or Illinois?

    While that is true to a point, traffic is not really bad when you'd normally be heading one way or another for gaming. There is more of a dampening effect because each neighborhood likes to stay localized than any difficulty traveling, eg people in Ballard like to shop at Ballard stores, go to...
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    If you look back far enough, I remember a thread on here about making 100 level characters. That might help.
  6. painandgreed

    How do you spend your gold?

    The obvious answer would be riding lessons and flying mounts.
  7. painandgreed

    Tell us about your Alt-History game

    I have two games i am working on writing: Flying Saucers of the SS Nazi occultism paid off in the years leading up to the second world war. Expeditions to Tibet and Anarctica discovered artifacts of past races including the first of the flying saucers the Nazis would use. Luckily, the works of...
  8. painandgreed

    How do you spend your gold?

    Besides ale and whores? Investments. Either land or loaning to somebody who will use it for trade. Can involve low to high risk. Give the players rough odds and let them roll the dice. They could buy an estate to live on, those will also require upkeep. Clearing, populating, and guarding such...
  9. painandgreed

    Crunch vs. fluff in supplements

    I prefer 45% crunch (rules, charts, mechanics), 45% fluff (setting, descriptions), and 10% fiction (which sets the mood).
  10. painandgreed

    Building a Sandbox

    Well, GDQ can be run as a sandbox. While the G series are fairly linear, there are various ways the players can go about it in a sandbox. Do they go for the frontal assault, do they sneak in and assassinate people, do they camp out side and kill off giants as they leave over the course of...
  11. painandgreed

    Building a Sandbox

    I have a timeline. The length of time I think the next session will go on for is planned out fairly detailed. In some cases, it may even list when and where certain NPCs go places, who they talk to and what is said. From there, it grows more general with the times or dates that certain events...
  12. painandgreed

    Building a Sandbox

    Ditto. My games are usually sandbox games. I make up the NPCs and world, and decide how the plot and world will develop without the intervention of the PCs. How things develop from there depends on the PCs and their actions. In my last game, to make the PCs pivotal, I made the setting with...
  13. painandgreed

    Discussing the D&D economy

    A larger quandary than why all countries use the same currency, at least in weight, is why the ratio of worth between the coins is the same. I doubt there is fiat currency in D&D and the money is worth the actual value of the metal in the coins. Why are all metals valued the same from country to...
  14. painandgreed

    Discussing the D&D economy

    IMC, its because the money was standardized as a weight system by the dwarves who have been making that money for thousands of years before humans even cared about it. Certainly for platinum which would require magic to mint. When it came time to make their own money, humans merely imitated the...
  15. painandgreed

    The Death of Simulation

    After reading this and the other threads on 4E, I would have to agree that I think design decisions have been made that are taking D&D in a direction with regard to play style that I do not wish to go. I find this a shame, because I have always believed that a good game can and should support...
  16. painandgreed

    drows and duergar as "evil" races

    Yep, changed anything I didn't like to suit my needs.
  17. painandgreed

    drows and duergar as "evil" races

    My personal take is that the demihuman races like elves and dwarves are more concerned with the law vrs chaos axis than the good vrs evil axis. The Drow and Duergar are the chaotic versions of the two, while the main races are considered lawful. Although many are evil as their society is an...
  18. painandgreed

    Which of the A, C, D, G or Q modules have you played or ran?

    GDQ formed the basis of the best campaign I think I've ever run and the players said it was the best game they'd ever been in. A large part of it was because it was a very "storyteller" type game way before WW games appeared. Lots of PC to NPC dialogue. Lots of role playing. The modules formed...
  19. painandgreed

    40 year old man wants to join my game

    Yes, we really are that desperate. Everybody in our own age group that we would have normally gamed with have gone on to other things: families, jobs, camping, etc. At least to the point that a regular game isn't important to them anymore as there are too many "real world" things that are more...
  20. painandgreed

    Lord Voldemort

    About the extra blood. I think that would come in with the extra phylactories. As part of the 4th level spell that would return the spirit to life, some of the phylactories must be used or there is otherwise a connection, and one gains a suitable template. Or perhaps living things are easier to...