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    Pathfinder 2 Character Sheet #3: Valeros, Human Fighter

    The more pressing reason you didn't move in PF/D&D, was attacks of opportunity. You not only lost out on 1+ attacks, but gave /them/ a free attack. If they other guy can't punish you for leaving and especially if you have a higher speed than they do, then move. You lose 1 attack, but they...
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    Pathfinder 2 Character Sheet #3: Valeros, Human Fighter

    Yeah, up to 5 damage at once...but it can block 4 damage forever. Which is interesting to me. Do I take the damage, or take a dent? Knowing if i take a Dent now, I may have to choose between destroying my shield, or dropping to 0 later.
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    Fireborn: Anyone played it?

    So, I came across an old FFG game, Fireborn, and possibly even have a group to run it with. Anyone here played or ran it? I'm curious how well it works in practice(the theory looks solid) and what doesn't work so I can make some fixes before we get started.
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    Readying Tide of Iron

    While you could ready an action triggered by an enemy moving adjacent to you, if he still has movement remaining, he could then take additional movement to continue, possibly moving adjacent to you again. Or even using your push as additional movement to get somewhere he couldn't reach...
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    ZEITGEIST player's guide for Zeitgeist?

    Is there an eta for the roll out? We're about to switch campaigns, and I'd like to start this one up when we do in a couple of weeks.
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    Changes Coming in Essentials, Part 2

    I seem to recall a post by Mearls that there was no plans to update Hunter's Quarry and Warlock's Curse like they did Sneak Attack. I don't recall where I read that, though.
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    Gamma World card back question

    Probably so the GM can add them to his decks, if he wants to.
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    The new Gamma World - Thoughts/Questions

    Each origin has 2 attack powers and a utility power. Those are fixed, and you'll have 2 origins. By level 7, you'll have up to 3 alpha mutations at a time, and they will all change at the end of every encounter. When the character rolls a natural 1(called an Alpha Flux), he discards one of...
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    Got my Gamma World!

    You do either 1 of 2 things. Either you only attack with the weapon once, in which case you are being conservative with ammo, and still have ammo left. Or you can fire as much as you want, and at the end of the encounter you will be out of ammo until you can find more(which is basically a GM...
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    Assassin Feedback

    What he's saying is that there is nothing in the rules to prevent you from argueing that you just put the poison on the blowgun, and get the poison all encounter.
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    New D&D Cartoon: Red Box Ninjas!!

    That was hillarious. And reminds me of so many groups I've played with, on both sides of the screen. Yeah, I've missed those cartoons too.
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    "Essentials Only" possible in CB?

    I'd just love to have a "uncheck all" button.
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    Look Ma- Rules Updates!

    I thought that too, and had to check. Rogues don't get access to military melee weapons anyways. It just means if you want your fighter to use a rapier, then you can without using a feat. It's only a superior weapon(heh) for a rogue, for the most part.
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    September Essentials Updates

    It also lists what can be considered common magic items, and therefore able to be created by PC. It's ... short. Especially if it's comprehensive, which it might not be.
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    D&D 4E Dark Sun 4E - Defilers?

    Wow. What if you used something like the weapon breakage rule for weapon users? Arcane casters, if they roll a 1 on an arcane attack spell, can choose to reroll defiling. I'm going to have to talk the GM for Dark Sun about that(not that I'm playing an arcane anything).
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    Character builder blues

    The problem with fans making a character builder is that a character builder isn't much use if it doesn't have any data. And there's no data that you could put in it. even with any problems there are in there(and yeah, houseruling gets odd...House rules can't add anything to the values on the...
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    Starter box spotted

    I thought that was playing cards taped to the wheels.
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    New Neverwinter Nights Game Probably On Its Way

    Wait a second. Because they're aren't trying to get all 20 something classes out in the first game, they aren't going to stay true to D&D? As much as I like druids and bards, they aren't exactly necessary to D&D. I'm ok with them doing some of the classes and putting out more as time goes on...
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    What are Your Favorite Out of Print RPGs?

    Definately Torg and Star Frontiers. I've got a lot of fond memories of playing those in my younger (and really younger) days.
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    Morrus gets married today!

    Congradulations to you both! I hope you have a long and happy life together.