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  1. kronovan

    I'm Opening a Game Store this Saturday

    Congtrats wih your new enterprise/adventure!
  2. kronovan

    How do you all make use of your grids?

    I mostly host via VTT (Foundry & Fantasy Grounds) now, but in the past with grids I've taken a variety of approaches. I've used both Chessex and Paizo grids, sometime pre-sketching out the map and hiding portions by folding the map, but mostly just sketching as players explore. My preference is...
  3. kronovan

    Should a TTRPG have a singular Core Rulebook or more?

    I'm not sure how many books, just that I prefer player and GM content being in one core book, with additional genre companions books for a universal TTRPG, or a separate bestiary book for a single genre TTRPG. In the former model, the appropriate bestiary would be provided in the genre...
  4. kronovan

    Here They Are! Your 10 Most Anticipated TTRPGs For 2024!

    I'm surprised that all 3 of my choices (Pendragon 6e, Dolmenwood, Cohors Cthulhu) were in the top 6. During nominations no one was making comments about Dolmenwood, so I figured the idea of an OSE setting from Necrotic Gnome wasn't that popular here, but I was wrong. My OSE group will be moving...
  5. kronovan

    Single System Monogamy

    I'm by no means system monogamous, but there's limits to how system polygamous I am. I tend towards homebrewing, so my preference is universal gaming systems. That said, of the 10 or so TTRPGs I own, despite giving them a college try, none of them have proven adequate for every genre. My...
  6. kronovan

    Which Middle Earth RPG?

    I'm going to chime in with support for Adventures in Middle Earth, even though it's only gotten about 9% of the votes. It's the only variant of D&D 5e that I'm happy to run these days and IMO is a very good adaptation of the 5e system. It nails a lot of the themes of ME with simple play...
  7. kronovan

    What is, in your opinion, the single WORST RPG ever made, and why is it so bad?

    CGL's A time of War, the Battletech TTRPG is about the worst I've played and run. It's Player Character build system is terrible. There's an alternate points-based PC creation sytem which is a bit better, but other elements of the TTRPG like skills are poorly designed and their battlemech...
  8. kronovan

    Vote For The Most Anticipated RPG of 2024!

    Oh nice! Cuthulhu Invictus is one of the chapters in my CoC Thru the Ages PDF, but I found it lacking. I wasn't aware there was a complete setting book - will have to get it.
  9. kronovan

    Some mechanisms (often ported from the old days) are putting the incentives in the wrong place - blog post discussion

    I don't think it's a problem to have a mechanism or subsystem that gives penalties without the allowance of a bonus. IMO though, they should be meaningful and presented as optional in the rules. As an example; encumberance in SWADE. It's given an an optional subsystem, but there's some...
  10. kronovan

    Vote For The Most Anticipated RPG of 2024!

    Cohors Cthulhu got one of my 3 votes too, which I wasn't even aware of until I read the nomination thread. Having homebrewed a series of adventures for Cthulhu Dark Ages 3e, I'm glad to see the mythos being adapted to another era. TBH though, while I'm a big fan of 2d20 Star Trek Adventures, I'm...
  11. kronovan

    Savage Worlds

    I hadn't heard about shutting down until a week ago - very disappointing! At times there's discussions about non FG specific topics at the Savage Worlds ruleset forum @ There's also the the Piazza website. The unoffical discord is also quite active...
  12. kronovan

    Jumpgate Is An Overhaul of the Roll20 VTT

    Good to hear they're finally coding a 2.0. That said, unless they offer the Pro level as a one-time purchase, perpetual license, they won't lure me back from Foundry VTT and Fantasy Grounds Unity. In my country's currency, a perpetual license for those 2 VTTs costs roughly the same or less than...
  13. kronovan

    WotC [Updated!] Hasbro Laying Off 1,100 Employees

    Very good video. Wow, the increases in top Hasbro Exec's salaries and bonuses is an eye opener! I thought his contrast to how Nintendo execs responded when faced with similar financial challenges was good. The execs at Nintendo, a company almost soley dedciated to Video games (they also rake in...
  14. kronovan

    WotC [Updated!] Hasbro Laying Off 1,100 Employees

    Yep, and no doubt D&D No Honor Among Thieves costing $150 million while only grossing $208 mil was a factor. I've never been a fan of big umbrella corps like Hasbro being publishers of TTRPGs. On the other hand, there's a of LOT 5e titles for DMs and players to choose from, which might not been...
  15. kronovan

    WotC [Updated!] Hasbro Laying Off 1,100 Employees

    Oh OK. So this is probably just a local market trend -maybe just a store specific thing- that those LGS staff observed. I did note that those 2 LGSs carry more PF2e publications than most in my area - D&D publications still occupy almost half of their TTRPG bookshelves though. [Edit] I recalled...
  16. kronovan

    WotC [Updated!] Hasbro Laying Off 1,100 Employees

    Wow 76 pages of comments... and wow that's one heckuva big layoff by Hasbro! Sorry I didn't see this earlier, but that many pages is a wee bit too much for me to read through. So I don't know if this comment has already been made, but is it possible that the OGL controversy is part of the...
  17. kronovan

    Nominate your MOST ANTICIPATED RPG of 2024

    While I'm not even sure it's even realising in 2024, the most anticipated for me would have to be Pendragon 6e. I bought the Starter Set, was very impressed and my group really enjoyed playing with the rules. So if the 6e CRB hardcover does get released next year, I'll snap it up.
  18. kronovan

    What do I ask for this Christmas?

    I've been running campaigns in the World of Midgard since 2012 and I'll just say those 2 books you listed are very good. There's about 800 pages of Midgard, gaming goodness between them. What I like best about the WoM book, is that about 90% of it is system agnostic. So if you don't want to run...
  19. kronovan

    How Do You Like Your Post Apocalyptic RPGs?

    Afraid there's just too many tick boxes I'd tick, so I only ticked one. Post apocalyptic is one of those genres where I can imagine and enjoy a lot of different variants in play. The only thing in my mind a setting for the genre shouldn't have, is space travel. Although I suppose in a time frame...
  20. kronovan

    Shadowrun 1st Edition To Be Reprinted

    I'll ditto the idea that a reprint of SR 2e would've been a better choice. My personal favorite edition is 3e, but I remember 2e being playable - not so much with 1e. Being a fan and consumer of the same publisher's tabletop miniatures lines, I can't say I'm surprised. Based on some of their...