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  1. tuxedoraptor

    WotC Considering NPC Stat Format Change

    This is why I abandoned 5e, WotC is going to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory as I predicted because they can't leave :):):):) alone, if it works, don't fix it. Mearls is the creator of the abomination known as essentials for 4e, hes gonna pull the same :):):):) with 5e most likely. Maybe...
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    Where are all the great spy RPGs?

    I find it near impossible to find a decent modern setting RPG anywhere, the closest I have ever gotten was Corporation and for urban fantasy I had to settle with ultramodern five. Spycraft was a dead system the moment they used the trainwreck known as 3.5e, no sane developer should EVER use...
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    N.O.W. The Modern Action Roleplaying Game Is Here!

    Someone had faked a copy of NOW on DTRPG and it looked rather legit, as it was the playtest version I believe, but holy hot damn this thing took forever to be released, I thought the project died. Now all we need are the beastaries and I might be inclined to run it
  4. tuxedoraptor

    Blades in the Dark Goes ‘Punk in Hack The Planet

    Well, it sounds more refreshing than Corporation rpg. I am kind of sick and tired of the whole dystopian future cyberpunk thing, maybe try to make it a positive setting where most people are living happy lives, but under the surface lurks danger and mystery? That might be nice. I digress though...
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    Why Didn't Harry Potter Change the Game?

    As it has been mentioned, the potterverse is rather...combat sparse?...I can't think of a better word for it other than slightly boring. I would not run any game set in the potterverse for that reason alone. I suck at social interactions and most of my players enjoy magic to do things that...
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    D&D 5E Which classes would you like to see added to D&D 5e, if any? (check all that apply)

    As other have said before, a shifter class would be fantastic. Radiance RPG pulled it off really really well. If only there was a way to port it over and tweak it. For those of you unfamiliar with it, the shifters shapeshift doesn't turn them into a werecreature, it just turns them into a...
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    D&D 5E What does "murderhobo" mean to you?

    someone who was kicked out of my group for poor behavior. To be fair though, I don't have a problem with RESTRAINED murderhobos. Your character can be a sociopathic vagabond who murders people indescriminately, but you cannot murder every NPC you meet.
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    D&D 5E Trying to make player's Warlock Patron more interesting (hexblade)

    Generally, with such a vague patron, I would just put it down to: "you have been given near unlimited power, you don't know why and you don't know who gave it to you. All you know is that whatever gave it to you will want a favor in return and you shudder to think what happens if you renege on...
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    Looking for a modern setting RPG

    thank you, but I am afraid that ultramodern5 fills my needs. 5th edition is a fantastic system already and this just makes it better.
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    Looking for a modern setting RPG

    Favorite quote of our three sessions of ultramodern5: *stand off with an unusually intelligent gnoll who has taken a hostage of a local schoolteacher and is holding a machete to her throat* Gnoll: *unintelligible gibberish, possibly insults about the parties masculinity, sexual orientation and...
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    Looking for a modern setting RPG

    ultramodern5 has been very fun. Surprised my players that they cannot make OA attacks anymore and a group of kolbolds armed with melee weapons almost ganked the gunslinger. Said gunslinger now has a fear of midgets. This is why you should never work for a black budget research lab guarding the...
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    Looking for a modern setting RPG

    Quick question; is there any way to get in contact with the publishers of ultramodern5? I really want to help with making improvements to the system. Literally half the classes use wisdom, a few pages are out of order and the wording can be a bit wonky sometimes.
  13. tuxedoraptor

    Looking for a modern setting RPG

    I have settled on ultramodern5, the system is fantastic and I didn't even pay for it! I just got the OGL content and am feeling satisfied with the rules. I actually just finished giving the demon lords a few minor tweaks, like giving baphomet a plasma minigun instead of a glaive. Because there...
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    Looking for a modern setting RPG

    Will look into GURPS! I heard a lot of things about GURPS and very few were positive. Will definitely look at it!
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    Looking for a modern setting RPG

    Alright, I checked out modos and it isn't the system for me. Not because the mechanics are wrong or anything is bad about it; I just hate the site and can't find anything. Was it too hard for them to just make a PDF file? Ugh. Thanks though! I will have to just keep digging! I looked into...
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    Looking for a modern setting RPG

    Awesome! Thank you, the site is set up kinda strange but I will take a look later today! If I don't have detention for overriding the schools internet filters permanently for everyone
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    D&D 5E xanathar's guide to everything class options thread

    for the summon spells like summon greater demon/summon lesser demon that do not give you the ability to pick your summon, I reduced the casting time to one full round of concentration to cast without a pick and a ritual cast of an hour to pick your summon. However, none of my players will summon...
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    Looking for a modern setting RPG

    What I have planned is a quasi-government agency operating in a world where magic and monsters are real, but hidden. Arcane magic is old and unstable, but is less stressful and more reliable than psionic magic. Psionic magic is newer and more consistent in its effects, but doesn't always work...
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    Looking for a modern setting RPG

    Well, I typically will run a system by my players if the concept seems cool, they disect it and then tell me if they are okay with a session of it. As such, I will be digging through savage worlds myself. I also quoted my players on pretty much everything other than 3.5. WOIN is neat, but I am...
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    Looking for a modern setting RPG

    After scouring the internet, finding a few systems, feeling disapointed in them and moving on, I have come to you guys for help in finding a modern setting RPG We have tried GUMSHOE and spycraft 2.0. Savage worlds, Gurps and FATE are off the table. The critera we are looking for: 1.No 3.5...