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  1. CCamfield

    D&D 4E Who's still playing 4E

    So, I've been playing 5e for about a year - with the best group of players I've found in at least 10 years. But recently the DM announced he has to stop DMing to focus on his thesis, but we could still get together to play board games on our gaming night. I tentatively suggested I could try...
  2. CCamfield

    D&D 4E 4E WotC Tools dead?

    Just hopping on to give a big thank you to Ezekiel for finding out how we can renew. I just renewed for a year as it seems like I get a chance to DM 4th again now. :)
  3. CCamfield

    Masterplan - Compendium Import Not Working?

    I know this is a super-late reply, but I just ran into a similar issue. Although: I do see the add-in (you need to close Masterplan and reopen it - did you do that), it doesn't appear to be functional with the latest version of Masterplan. It can read the compendium but there's what looks like...
  4. CCamfield

    Come and Get It and Warrior's Urge: Please help me implement a change to both of these powers

    Come to think of it, I think there's precedent for powers with Stat + modifier on attack rolls. If it bothered me that the power uses Str vs Will, I'd make it Int or Cha + 3 vs Will. But I wouldn't have a roll vs AC at all - I'd otherwise stick with the original power where the monsters...
  5. CCamfield

    Come and Get It and Warrior's Urge: Please help me implement a change to both of these powers

    Y'know, I understand how some folks can have a problem with the power. The problem I have with your revision, Greg, is just that the way you have it is going to be a LOT of rolling.
  6. CCamfield

    Awful Green Things From Outer Space!

    That is AMAZING. Wow. Thanks for sharing! The awful green things reference didn't hurt either ;)
  7. CCamfield

    Good feats for a hybrid warlord?

    Hey, Prepared For Anything's pretty good! Thanks!!
  8. CCamfield

    Good feats for a hybrid warlord?

    Hey, sorry guys! I should have posted my character summary from the builder. I appreciate you guys being willing to look at him. So: yes, he's a melee ranger(|warlord). There isn't another leader in the party at the moment (they lost the cleric's player) but I didn't really want to play...
  9. CCamfield

    Good feats for a hybrid warlord?

    Hey all, I'm currently playing a 3rd level hybrid ranger|warlord in a 4e game (obviously). I have made a pretty good list (I think) of useful ranger feats for him, but I'm honestly pretty stumped on feats in the heroic tier that would be worth taking to help my party on the leader side of...
  10. CCamfield

    How to make a Duelist/Fencer Class?

    There's some good stuff for rogues, as people have mentioned. A couple of things I used in my build (which I sadly didn't get to play much) - there's an at-will, Clever Strike which grants you combat advantage when attacking an enemy adjacent to an ally who is able to attack. No need to be...
  11. CCamfield

    [4e] LF group in/near downtown Toronto

    Hi all, I live near downtown Toronto (St Clair W station) and am looking for a group to join to play 4e D&D. :) I'm an experienced roleplayer and board gamer. I never know quite what to write here... My favourite games include 4e D&D, Feng Shui, WoW, Settlers of Catan, and Titan...
  12. CCamfield

    Peter Jackson's influence on The Hobbit

    They're actually going to split The Hobbit? That seems just plain nonsensical to me. I understood the second movie was supposed to act as a bridge between the two stories, ok, but The Hobbit starts with the beginning of Bilbo's journey, and it ends when he gets home. I don't see how you can...
  13. CCamfield

    Avenger and Twin Strike question

    I think the thing is that if you multiclass to pick it up, you get an at-will power as an encounter power.
  14. CCamfield

    [November] What are you reading?

    I got access to the local uni library again, so I am currently reading "Greek Warfare: Myths and Realities" by Hans van Wees. After reading a book by him way back when, which sort of said "established academia, the way you're looking at Homer is wrong", I'm not surprised he's saying some...
  15. CCamfield

    Dragon 381 - Warlord Essentials

    I think you make the situation seem better than it actually is. More warlord powers grant melee basic attacks, than any-type-of basic attacks. The only way to synergize with a wizard on this, so far as I know, is with Reaper's Touch - of course that's been changed to be for shadar-kai only...
  16. CCamfield

    Dragon 381 - Warlord Essentials

    I can understand your amusement :) Part of it is to me the bit where you miss and give your ally a bonus to hit. "See, that's what you SHOULDN'T do!" Incidentally, they have already revised the doc. One thing I noticed - I'm pretty sure that this morning, Devastating Offensive gave you a...
  17. CCamfield

    Dragon 381 - Warlord Essentials

    It doesn't strike me as a fantastic article overall. The one power I particularly like is the level 3 one which lets you slide an enemy and ally and trigger a basic attack from you and them. That looks pretty good.
  18. CCamfield

    Player input please on a couple of custom world rules...

    "You can sometimes buy magic items just as you can mundane equipment. It's rare to find a shop or bazaar that routinely sells magic items, except perhaps the lowest-level items. Some fantastic places, such as the legendary City of Brass in the heart of the Elemental Plane, have such markets...
  19. CCamfield

    Understanding Alignment

    Nobody, I'm sure. But what degree of behavior is considered "good" in the pursuit of good? Since you brought up the Allies, about the Dresden firebombing campaign? That's highly controversial. This very thread, to me (like so many before it) is an indication of why alignment doesn't work. We...
  20. CCamfield

    Killing the grind: phased "boss" fights

    I think it's the bit where, at the time that the players are in the middle of fighting with the boss, they are literally stopped from doing so, and having to fight a predetermined set of waves of minions. That's what I find "grindy". "Ok, if we kill these 12 minions... ok, 8 more... then...