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  1. lxqueen

    The Fourteenth Doctor is Here! | BBC Children in Need 2023 | Doctor Who

    BBC in the UK, Disney+ everywhere else on the same day. You won't see it on D+ in the UK, just on iPlayer. Also Ireland is TBD for some reason (it wasn't mentioned in the D+ deal, but you can't get iPlayer there?)
  2. lxqueen

    'DC Universe All Star Games' Is A New RPG Show Featuring Freddie Prinze Jr and Sam Witwer

    I love that this is basically a Star Wars: Rebels cast reunion, with Maul as the GM.
  3. lxqueen

    Was Firefly Inspired by a RPG?

    It's five systems technically, just really close together. Here's a copy of the map that QMx made detailing it.
  4. lxqueen

    Eberron It Is? [UPDATED & CONFIRMED!]

    Twitch would make sense, but you'd think they'd specify when the announcement is if they wanted people to tune in to the stream. So I'd doubt it's 11 (although is it already 11 as of this post, since I'm not in the US and timezones give me a headache?) That being said, looking at their regular...
  5. lxqueen

    Creating a More Immersive D&D Experience

    Tabletop Audio is one of the best options IMO - between their ambient 10-minute loops, and their custom soundboards. For people who want to "fire and forget" with some background music, there's also Sword Coast Soundscapes on YouTube - 3 hour long pieces, with many inspired by D&D locations...
  6. lxqueen

    D&D In Ready Player One? (SPOILERS)

    I saw the film recently, so I can actually tell you this (very minor spoilers below for the film). You have the green devil face on Aech's van (pictured above). Otherwise, one of the major magic items in the final act is a glowing d20 the size of a football. On an unrelated note, the horror...
  7. lxqueen

    Patreon Reverses Disastrous Decision Which Harmed RPG Creators

    Have you taken a look at Liberapay? Seems to be similar, and is run by a non-profit. Heard a few open-source software projects use it instead of Patreon.
  8. lxqueen

    Sean's Picks of the Week (1204-1208) - Cops & Robbers Week!

    Also worth mentioning that Blades in the Dark just released their SRD on their website, and there's some third-party content in the works.
  9. lxqueen

    Flash, I love you, but we only have fourteen hours to save the Earth!

    There will be a paperback, stated on the KS: "The regular, softcover editions of The Savage World of Flash Gordon™ and other accessories won't be offered in the Kickstarter, but will come to YOUR FAVORITE LOCAL GAME STORE instead."
  10. lxqueen

    Taking Nominees for Most Anticipated RPG of 2018

    Gotta be these two for me. 1. Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4e 2. Flash Gordon (since Rifts appeared as a setting option so there's precedent)