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    UNITY RPG: The Best of D&D 4E, Pathfinder, & Dungeon World

    I didn't read everything. I got the gist of stuff, and paid special attention to the mechanics and examples. I'm generally interested in the setting, but want to wait for the final thing so that I don't allow old information to taint new/core information. 2 questions: How do you decide when the...
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    UNITY RPG: The Best of D&D 4E, Pathfinder, & Dungeon World

    For the record, I don't buy many RPGs, but I have been struck by this one. The rpgnet thread really helped to sell me on it.
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    UNITY RPG: The Best of D&D 4E, Pathfinder, & Dungeon World

    I checked out a lot of the stuff he's posted. The way they come together seems to be this: You have a group of heroes with variable stats from different races, classes, and point-buy. They have useful abilities that come with those initial choices, then specific and special abilities that help...
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    Fighter Martial Archtype: Kensai

    Is that picture supposed to be Bloodsbot or, more likely, Rai?
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    D&D 5E Warlock as divine offspring?

    As with many others, I love the idea of new things for any of the classes. I could see either the Sorcerer or the Warlock. My thoughts on divine descended: Aasimar. I'm running an Eberron game right now. Radiant Idols (Fallen Angels) pretend godhood. I'm thinking about an Aasimar Cleric or...
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    Artificer Homebrew

    Ah. I see what you're getting at. I don't know what happened, but that ability was something else entirely in my head. Fair enough. I can see that. I'll stick with the 10 Craft Points, but ditch the half-cost part. I kept thinking that it was that the time required to craft an item was halved...
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    Artificer Homebrew

    Just to clarify: At 20th level, the character gets 10 Craft Points. You see an issue with the idea that he could break down 3 Rare items, which would give him an extra 6 Craft Points, and then spend his 16 Craft Points to make 4 Rare items. (I assume that you had a typo.) At 20th level, I don't...
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    Artificer Homebrew

    The idea with the Master of Artifice is so that he will definitely be able to craft a Legendary item. Hitting 20th level typically means you're probably coming to the end of the game, so this is the last chance to try to get something before going up against whatever it might be. I could see...
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    Artificer Homebrew

    I also wanted to thank you for commenting. Other than craft times, what are your thoughts on the rest of the class? Are there any abilities that it's missing or anything that feels out of place? Thoughts on Battlesmith? (Thoughts on abilities would be much appreciated.) Thoughts on Construct...
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    Artificer Homebrew

    Good catch on the Spell Storing Item. I added a line that a first level Artificer can only use the ability to store Cantrips. In terms of the sorts of time it takes to create Magic Items: I'll call this a simple matter of disagreement. Especially when it comes to heroes, the idea that years...
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    Artificer Homebrew

    It has been a few days, and I went back and revamped the class a bit. I wanted to try to make it work a bit better with the system, while still having a lot of the feel of the original Artificer that we have all come to know and love. The craft times included are because the craft times in...
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    Artificer Homebrew

    First: I apologize if this looks a little rough. I've been trying to knock out an Artificer for 5e, and I would love some feedback and ideas. Before you read, I would also like to point out that the item creation rules presented here would supersede those in the DMG. I got ideas for this from...
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    Are you in the RPG closet?

    I'm also a high school teacher. And I'm in Indiana. My love of gaming usually comes out on the first day. "Here's my name. Here are some things I like to do." I had someone last class ask what I did yesterday. My response was "Gaming. Stuff like D&D." It wasn't D&D, but that's usually the...
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    What single houserule has made your game AWESOME?

    Two things: 1. Spiffy Points- 5 per session. Spend one to do something unique and interesting. Sometimes this means being able to grab an ally on the run and pull them away from something. Other times it means cutting down that curtain at the right time to trap a foe for a round. 2. Pre-rolling-...
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    "Laming up" non-compound monster names!

    Some of these actually sound like cool names for things. I really like the idea of the Smoking Chokefiend. Also, the Rhinocerous as a Dire Unicorn is pretty awesome.
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    Preparing when you have no idea what the PCs will do

    I make almost everything up on the fly. I may have an idea of what they want to do for the next session, so I cobble together a couple of ideas and see what happens. For the most part, though, I let them do whatever they want. There's a major plot, and every session builds towards it, but I...
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    MP2 review: Martial Practices

    When it comes to Alter Self: Maybe you use a Skill Challenge at lower levels if someone hasn't really done it before. It's not a part of their repertoire. Later, though, after they have done it enough, then the "martial practice" means that they're a lot better at it and can do it with little...
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    Barbarian's rage strike

    You can only Nova-lick if you're a Bullywug.
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    PH3 Feats Excerpt: Superior Implements, Versatile Expertise, and Unarmored Agility

    While I haven't read the stuff, isn't it possible that there are 2 ways to gain Skill Powers? 1. Swap a Utility for a Skill Power of that level. 2. Use a feat to buy a Skill Power, which would then be in addition to your normal Utilities. I like this a lot. There have been times when I have...
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    Monsters as PCs

    Actually, I think that this could be pretty easy in 4e. Think about all of the different monsters that are already easily turned into PCs. Goblins Hobgoblins Bugbears Gnolls Minotaurs Kobolds Drow Doppelgaengers (Changelings) Werewolves (Shifters) Demons/Devils (Tieflings) Elementals (Genasi-...