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    Pathfinder miniatures ... are folks using these much?

    The price point with randomness made it a non sale for me. Though as I have a lot of mini's already, so it does have to be a decent deal to get my interest.
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    That Penny Arcade Controversy

    It is not ridiculous to be offended by this comic: It falls far away from your description of 'PA's guns'. That isn't an insensitive bit of comedy, that's a shallow, insincere, condescending apology that belittles the people it claims to be apologizing to. It also makes them (PA) look like smug...
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    how do FLGSs make money?

    You might see one or two of those stereotypes, but I think it's confirmation bias if you are seeing them everywhere as the bulk of gamers.
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    What are your "must haves" for a virtual tabletop?

    Tablet support. Nicer to be gaming from the couch with my tablet than at my workstation.
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    how do FLGSs make money?

    My head hurts from all them gamer stereotypes.
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    Pathfinder 1E Get your character portrait illustrated by Wayne Reynolds, a once in a lifetime opportunity

    Look excitedly at thread, discovered just advertising for kick starter without kick starter tag, looked at price for said art, left sadly.
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    UK Game Stores Band Together To Ban Alleged Bully [Updated]

    Funny to see his name blanked out while his video in same post has his full name. Not sure if six months is too long, I'm guessing past history must be playing into it. I am very glad to see a stand by gaming stores about this.
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    This is Shadowrun!

    Loved reading the walls of text :) Thanks.
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    The First Doctor Sourcebook: Cubicle 7 Brings WHO of the 60s To Your Tabletop!

    I can see me getting each Doctor's sourcebook. Well played cubicle 7 :)
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    Ask the Shadowrun line developer stuff

    These novels will be released in some form of ebook format right? Would be sad if Shadowrun books were only dead tree versions.
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    How many d20s do you own?

    Over 20 D20, with about 6D10s
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    I'm insulted by how humans are depicted in D&D.

    I just thought you were being inclusive of the Otherkin.
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    True20 dragon slayers PDF...anyone have a copy?

    Good luck, hope you get a copy back.
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    Cleaning my long-lost Megamat

    Going over the ink with another non permanent mark can work wonders. Try a small section first but often the most recent marker and the older marker come off together. I do this on school white boards with someone uses permanent markers.
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    A lament for the lost Irony Games site.

    This will roll dice online for you (and allow others to see rolls) Enworld also has a dice roller... Ironygames was a great site.
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    What Apps can't you live without for tabletops RPGs either on iPad, Android, or PC?

    1) Dropbox. Lets you keep a much bigger library of books than your iPad could normally hold. Plus if you get your players to sign up, handling notes becomes paperless and effortless. 2) Good reader. Handles more tabs than the adobe pdf reader, handles lots of other formats (even zip/rar)...
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    I miss seeing xp-comments

    I agree. I also -feel- XP comments are more like giving XP in a visible manner than the reputation button.
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    We are being laughed at. A ranty article purely for debating purposes.

    I think they get bullied less. This is coming from my perspective as an Australian teacher in primary school, being a geek, and watching the school geek culture change over the last twenty years. Experience will differ of course depending on where you are. I don't know how much awareness you...
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    MMO terms and tabletop, anyone completely ANNOYED by this?

    What cop out did I use in my post? I don't personally use lol in my speech. I'm sure you have witnessed people 'called out' for using slang not appropriate to the group norm. I've seen people 'called out' for far sillier reasons. I wouldn't ascribe the use of someone saying lol to be because...
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    WotC to Release 1st Edition Premium Core Rulebooks Reprints

    Thanks for this. I've ordered them (3 books from 3 different places), so hopefully I get them in my hands soon.