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  1. Psikosis

    RPG Print News – Free League, Chaosium, and Cubicle 7 Starter Sets

    The Case File that's included shouldn't take more than a session to complete (4-ish hours, depending on your players), and it's very good. It's the first adventure in a planned series of connected stories. There is barely enough to run a longer campaign, if you develop it yourself. All that...
  2. Psikosis

    D&D Movie/TV There's A New Trailer For D&D: Honor Among Thieves

    I'm pissed at Hasbro/WotC. They suck. So I might like myself a bit less after, but I'm going to see this movie anyway.
  3. Psikosis

    Blade Runner Starter Set Review

    Free League has just been killing it lately and this box set is no exception. Completely worth the money and props are great. I love CoCs props and am hoping we'll see some goodies similar to what the HPLHS has been dropping. I'm really excited to see where Free League goes with the Blade Runner...
  4. Psikosis

    Paizo Paizo's Organized Play Orc Now Always Available

    I sense war brewing among the tribes of greenskins...
  5. Psikosis

    WotC To Give Core D&D Mechanics To Community Via Creative Commons

    If they weren't such SOBs, I'd feel sorry for Hasbro/WotC. They are trying to negotiate a set of rules with people who collectively have vast experience in creating, interpreting, applying, and, at times, manipulating rules. Someone should be making popcorn. This will be entertaining.
  6. Psikosis

    WotC To Give Core D&D Mechanics To Community Via Creative Commons

    To repeat: It's too late to turn back. On to what's next!
  7. Psikosis

    D&D (2024) RPG Evolution: The Art of the Apology

    I would give it an F overall. Yes, they (sort of) addressed some of the issues, but there was flagrant gaslighting and dishonesty. I mean really obvious. Laughably obvious. The statement reeked of disingenuous, condescending placating.
  8. Psikosis

    A Review of Blade Runner

    Good review! I really like the direction Free League is going in with Twilight 2000 and now Blade Runner. Players consistently surprise me with their ideas for re-rolling and seem much more 'in character' at the table.
  9. Psikosis

    Gizmodo Reveals OGL v1.1's 'Term Sheet' Carrots For Selected Publishers

    Exactly. This was blatant strong-arming. Turns out Hasbro/WotC grossly overplayed their hand.
  10. Psikosis

    WotC Walks Back Some OGL Changes, But Not All

    It's too late to go back. From what I can tell, there basically isn't a D&D 3rd party or OGL v x.x content creator ecosystem left standing. It's gone. Whatever content is in the pipeline or warehouses will be sold in a few months to a year at most and that's the end. Bad news for Hasbro/WotC...
  11. Psikosis

    D&D (2024) What happens if One DnD fails?

    I think they've substantively hurt themselves, including OneD&D and maybe even the upcoming movie. They won't throw the IP in the trash, but if OneD&D fails to achieve commercial success, they will have confirmation they've created a problem for themselves. I'm already not at all interested in...
  12. Psikosis

    Can WotC be forgiven?

    This is actually one my concerns about the situation. Had the immediately come out and said this was just a working draft, we're not going to do this, I think their statement would have been more credible. Now it feels very much like they are hoping it'll blow over and any statement is going to...
  13. Psikosis

    The OGL -- Just What's Going On?

    It seems like WotC/Hasbro would be saying something by now. It's about 6PM CST in the US as I write this. Not a peep from them yet. Meanwhile, their customers are gathering pitchforks and torches and gaming companies are abandoning their system in droves. Seems like even if they came out and...
  14. Psikosis

    Can WotC be forgiven?

    "Realizing 1.1 landed with a massive thud, suppose WotC announces that 1.1 is no longer a thing and 1.0a will remain for the indefinite future. They also say they are sorry. Really sorry. Really, really sorry. What would it take for them to be forgiven? Is there any going back at this point?
  15. Psikosis

    Modiphius' Conan TTRPG Is Ending

    I'd not thought of this, but it makes perfect sense!!
  16. Psikosis

    Returning to Gen Con

    It was another good year at Gen Con! Only downer was having a few events cancelled. Otherwise, had a lot of fun, though I didn't get to spend as much time in the vendor hall as I would have liked. I'm excited about the new 40K RPG goodies forthcoming, too.
  17. Psikosis

    TSR TSR3.5 Launches IndieGogo Campaign to "Stop" WotC

    Last time it was kind of funny stupid. Now it's just delusional and sad.
  18. Psikosis

    TSR TSR3.5 Launches IndieGogo Campaign to "Stop" WotC

    More likely it's just their terrible language skills, but if it works, so much the better!
  19. Psikosis

    Top 5 Tabletop RPGs Spring 2021: Cyberpunk Gains!

    Good to see Cyberpunk Red and Alien charting well. Nothing against the 'usual suspects', of course.